Why Did My Panel Report Code R903 "Complete FW"?

Your system reports Code R903 "Complete FW" when the communicator has completed the firmware update process. The message is displayed whenever an AlarmNet communicator has successfully received a firmware update. After receiving this message, you can use the system as you normally would.

The R903 "Complete FW" message is reported by the Honeywell VISTA System to indicate that the communicator has finished receiving a firmware update. The message does not indicate that there is something wrong with the system. The R903 "Complete FW" message will follow a E903 "Start FW" message on the system. The E903 "Start FW" message indicates that the firmware update process has initiated. During this time, the user should make sure that the alarm system remains powered on and connected to the network. In order for the firmware update to go through successfully, the panel must be able to communicate with the network.

During the updating process, other messages may also be reported by the system. One such message is E339 "Power on Reset". This message indicates that the communicator for the system was reset. The amount of time it takes for the update process to complete will depend on several different factors. These factors can include the speed of the communicator and the type of firmware update being applied. It is possible for the total time to exceed one hour in some cases. After the update is complete and the message R903 "Complete FW" is displayed, the user can proceed to use their alarm system as normal.

If you are an Alarm Grid customer, and you aren't sure whether or not your Honeywell AlarmNet communicator is running on the latest firmware version, you can have us check by contacting us online or over the phone. Additionally, Honeywell may occasionally push out an automatic firmware update for one of their devices. In these situations, we will try and make a post about it ahead of time so that users know what to expect. Please check our blog regularly so that you can stay updated and informed.

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