Why Does ZWSTAT Reset to 85°F on L5200, Total Connect?

If experiencing a daily, undesired automatic change in temperature from a ZWSTAT, Total Connect 2.0 will need to be used to reprogram the Z-Wave thermostat.

Total Connect 2.0 has Energy Saving default settings which will need to be disabled. To do this, login to your Total Connect 2.0 account. Click on “Automation”. Next you should see “Thermostat”. Click on the icon next to thermostat and it will bring up your weekly schedule.

You will need to disable each day individually. Click in the time box and simply ”turn off” Enable. After you’ve completed each day and time, click SAVE.

After you save your settings, you will need to sync your panel.

The ZWSTAT is Honeywell's most popular z-wave thermostat. Combined with the L5200 security system installed with the L5100 Z-WAVE module, a homeowner can save lots of money by making intelligent choices about how to set the temperature in their own home throughout the day. The Tuxedo Touch WIFI is a simple choice that makes management of Z-Wave devices a breeze, and will allow the use and management of the ZWSTAT. Much like the Tuxedo Touch, the VAM is a good, lower-cost alternative to the Tuxedo Touch WIFI. It adds the same functionality to a wired system as the Tuxedo Touch, but lacks the 7-inch screen.

If seeing the device, itself, inside of Total Connect is not crucial, the ZWSTAT works well using the scene management that is available in both the Tuxedo Touch and L5200 panels. For a simple setup, mapping the actions of the ZWSTAT to an arming or disarming action is simple. It will allow a homeowner to arm a system away and make the ZWSTAT exhibit behavior that is beneficial for energy savings.

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