Why Is My Honeywell L5100 Showing a Blank Screen?

Your Honeywell L5100 is showing a blank screen because it is not powered on. You must restore power to the system to get the screen to come back on. This can be done by plugging the power transformer back in or reconnecting the system's backup battery. The screen will return after boot up.

Honeywell lynxtouch l5100 lynx touch wireless alarm control panel

Every alarm system requires power for normal operation. This primarily comes in the form of AC power from a plug-in transformer. But if the electricity goes out, then a system can also remain powered using a backup battery. If the system loses both AC power and battery power, then it will shut down. This can be easily identified by having a blank display screen.

Once power is restored to an L5100 System, then it will power back on automatically. The system will perform a boot up process that will take a few minutes. Once the boot up process is complete, the screen will be restored for normal system operation. The system will remain that way as long as it is powered. If you want the screen to display something else, then using the slideshow feature is a great option.

Remember, the L5100 will only have a blank screen if it has been powered down completely. This can be an important thing to check for if you are making hardware changes, such as installing an IP communicator or a Z-Wave module. Make sure that the screen is completely blank before attempting to install this equipment. Making hardware changes before the panel powers down completely can result in damage to the system.

Keep in mind that the system cannot send outbound communication signals to AlarmNet or a central monitoring station when it is powered off. The system must be powered on to provide active monitoring service. This is very important to remember if you ever decide to leave your L5100 System powered off for an extended period of time.

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Hello Jackie, 1st can you verify the transformer is 9V/ 2.5 or 2.7A. Then power down battery and transformer, remove all modules (cell/wifi) and then plug in the battery first, then plug the transformer in last. Let it fully boot up then if you have the "INSTALLERS" code enter programming within 30 seconds. Otherwise your "MASTER" code should be able to arm and disarm your system. The cell is no longer supported and without monitoring, not much you can do with the wifi either.
I have an L5000, I recently got a transformer, as it was missing when I moved in. It started up just fine, but then I tried to input the installer code. Every time I did, it would just go back into the main screen. After a few tries, something happened, and it was as if the panel was rebooting. After that, it powered back on, but nothing is currently showing on the screen. Could I please get some assistance on what I'm doing wrong? I was able to get the original master code from last tenants. Thank you
Dennis, First thing to do is to measure DC voltage at the panel. This will determine whether it is getting power. This will let us know which direction to go.
My L5100 screen went totally blank. I thought it was battery and the transformer problem. I bought brand new. Connected both, but it's still blank. Tried all I could, but to no avail. So I just left it there as a decoration on the wall, as I do not have any money to replace it with brand new one considering the current price. I will appreciate if you could help me on restoring this device to life. Thanks
You're welcome. There should be a plug-in transformer located somewhere near the panel. I've seen people have them fished in the wall where the panel is mounted, and then coming out on the other side of that wall directly to a plug. This can be in a room that doesn't get used a lot, or even into a closet. It's usually a white rectangular block and it may be in the bottom outlet with a screw holding it in place. This is just for future reference, of course.
Thanks Julia. Seems the power cycle resolved the issue with the screen. I think what had prevented me from trying that is for the life of me I can’t find the breaker that will turn off the panel. I’ve probably tried every reasonable breaker in the box and nothing powers down the unit even when the backup battery is removed. I just ended up loosening the screws for the ac power and carefully tugged on the two wires to pull them out and let it cycle. Appreciate the reply!
Assuming when you touch the screen, nothing happens, if you haven't already done so, I'd try a hard reboot. Remove AC Power then open it up and unplug the battery. Give it a couple of minutes, then plug in the battery first, then AC. It won't power up on battery only, so that's normal. If, after you plug in the transformer the LED's below the panel come back, but the screen still doesn't come back up, it's probably the panel.
My display has just recently gone out as well. It has AC power plus a battery backup hooked up to it but the screen won’t turn on. Both the green and red lights below the display are on constantly, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t doing that before. Been like this for about a month. Would you think the panel is shot?
That is normal operation for the L5100, if you have enabled the backlight timeout. Some customers do not have backlight timeout enabled.
Mine has always had the display go blank after about 30 seconds of inactivity. The green and red LEDs always illuminate to show whether the system is armed, disarmed (and green will blink if sensors are activated). Isn't a blank screen part of the programming options?

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