Why Is My Honeywell Lyric Displaying a 950 Comm. Trouble Error?

The video below explains how to address the "950 Comm. Trouble" error message on the Lyric Controller:

The "950 Comm. Trouble" error will be displayed when a cellular communicator has been enabled, and either the panel is not able to see it, or the communicator is not registered. To clear the error, you can either resolve the issue or disable the communicator until the issue can be resolved.

When setting up an AlarmNet account with a Lyric Controller, one of the first steps is to let the Lyric know what communication path to use. The options for this setting are None, WIFI, Cellular, or WIFI & Cellular. Once a cellular communication path is enabled, the Lyric Controller expects to be registered with AlarmNet. Until registration occurs, the Lyric will display a "950 Comm. Trouble" error. If it will be several days between the time power is applied to the Lyric, and it can be registered, the cellular communication path can be disabled to prevent this error.

Follow these steps to disable the Lyric Cellular Communicator:

1. Enter Programming. From the Home screen, press Security > Tools > Enter Installer Code > Program > Communicator. The default Installer Code is 4112.

2. Program the Communication Path. In the communicator screen, at the upper left you'll see "Communication Path". Pressing this area of the screen will toggle through the available options. Keep pressing until the Communication Path shows "None" (or "WIFI" if you plan to use the MyHome Controller App between now and the time you register the communicator).

3. Save and exit. Once the correct path is selected, make sure you press "Save" in the lower right side of the screen. You'll see a message that the Root File is being updated, and if WIFI is selected and the communicator is not registered, a message warning you of this fact will also be displayed. Having WIFI enabled when the system is not registered will not cause the 950 Comm. Trouble message. Press "OK". Use the "Back Arrow" at the top of the screen to exit programming. The 950 Comm. Trouble message will no longer be displayed.

Another issue that may cause this trouble message is having the cellular device enabled and properly registered, but the panel being unable to "see" it. This could occur because the panel was jostled and the cellular communicator may no longer be making a good connection with the Lyric panel.

Follow these steps to make sure the Lyric cellular communicator is properly seated:

1. Power the system completely down. Disconnect the AC transformer. If using the LT-Cable, simply disconnect where the two parts of the barrel connector come together. If not, find where the system plugs into a wall outlet and unplug the transformer. Once AC power has been disconnected, remove the set screw at the bottom of the panel, pull the front and the back apart, and disconnect the back-up battery from the connector on the main board. The Lyric screen should now be completely dark.

2. Re-seat the cellular module. Remove the side cover by pressing it up as far as it will go, then pulling straight away from the Lyric. This will expose the cellular module. If the locking screw was used to hold the module in place, remove it. Pull the blue tab to remove the cellular module. Pull it free of the panel, take a look at it, making sure all the metal connection points appear to be clean. If necessary, clean with a soft, clean, dry cloth. Re-insert the cellular module, making sure to push it in as far as it will go. If you weren't using the locking screw before, its a good idea to install it now. If the screw will go into place, the cellular module is properly seated. Return the side cover to its normal position, making sure it is securely closed.

3. Power up. Connect the battery. The system will not power up on battery only, this is normal. After connecting the battery, re-apply AC power. The system will boot up, which takes a couple of minutes. If the communicator has been re-seated properly, the 950 Comm. Trouble error should not return.

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