Why Won’t My Interlogix Repeater 80-922-1 Power On?

Your Interlogix Repeater 80-922-1 won't power on because it is not wired correctly. The repeater uses a 12VDC transformer for power. Whenever DC power is used, you must remember to observe polarity. That means that the positive (+) and negative (-) wires must go to the correct terminals.

Interlogix 80 922 1 legacy interlogix 319 dot 5mhz wireless repe

The Interlogix Repeater comes with a 12VDC transformer for providing power. The wire is fixed to the transformer, and the other end must be connected directly to the repeater module. Many users are confused by the fact that this transformer says "AC ADATPOR" on it (spelled incorrectly). But rest assured, this is indeed a DC transformer.

Since this is DC power, you must observe polarity. The positive (+) wire should go to the terminal marked +12, and the negative (-) wire should go to the terminal marked GND. This can be seen in the picture below. Note how the green LED light is ON, indicating that the unit is wired correctly and is receiving power.

It can be difficult to determine which wire is positive (+), and which wire is negative (-). The easiest way to tell is to look very closely at the wires. The positive (+) wire will have grey dashes. The negative (-) wire won't have any dashes, but it will have some text written on it. You can see a close-up of the wire in the following picture. Note how the bottom wire has grey dashes, making it the positive (+) wire. The top wire doesn't have any dashes, but it does have some text. This means that it is the negative (-) wire.

You can also use a voltmeter to determine polarity. When you are doing this, make sure you have your voltmeter set to the proper setting, based on the fact that this is a 12VDC transformer. You should have the red lead on the voltmeter connected to the positive (+) wire, and the black lead connected to the negative (-) wire. If the leads are on the correct wires and the voltmeter is set correctly, then you should get a reading of at least 12.0. Make sure that the transformer is plugged in when doing this, or else you will not get a proper reading. For more information on using a voltmeter, please review this FAQ.

As you can see in the following picture, the voltmeter has a reading above 12.0. This indicates that the voltmeter leads are on the correct wires, and the transformer is receiving adequate power from the outlet. If the meter leads were reversed, meaning the red lead was connected to the negative wire, and the black lead was connected to the positive wire, you would actually see negative (-)12.xx Volts.

The most likely reason why your Interlogix Repeater is not powering on is because you have the wires going to the incorrect terminals. If you simply swap the wires, then you should find that the unit powers on like it is supposed to. If you are completely sure that you have the module wired correctly, and the unit is not powering on, then it means one of three (3) things.

  1. The outlet is not providing power.
  2. The unit is damaged.
  3. The transformer is damaged.

With that in mind, try using the module at an outlet that you are 100% sure is working correctly. If you are still experiencing issues, try replacing the repeater under warranty, or obtain a new transformer and/or repeater.

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