Why Won't My Lyric System Connect With My Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point?

Your Lyric System won't connect with your Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point because a featured called "Auto Optimize Network" is enabled on the access point. You need to disable this feature to pair your Lyric Controller System with your WIFI network. Then your system should pair successfully.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Ubiquiti is known for their wireless Access Points (AP). If you are using an Ubiquiti Access Point, then various devices in your home or business will connect through it. This will allow these devices to connect with the internet. In the case of the Honeywell Lyric Alarm Panel, the system will use its connection with the Ubiquiti Access Point to connect with the AlarmNet360 Servers. This is necessary for monitoring service. It will also allow you to control your Lyric System remotely through Total Connect 2.0, provided that access to the TC2 service is included in your monitoring plan.

The Ubiquiti UniFi Router has a feature in its network controller setup settings called "Auto Optimize Network". When this feature is enabled, the Honeywell Lyric System is unable to pair with the router. The feature must be disabled in order for the Lyric to successfully connect. It's also possible that other alarm systems may experience similar issues when trying to connect with a Ubiquiti UniFi Access Point. For that reason, we recommend keeping the feature disabled. If you find that your security system is unable to connect with the router even when using the correct SSID and password, then it is likely that you have the feature enabled and need to have it disabled.

Additionally, some users have reported that their Lyric Systems suddenly lost connectivity with their Ubiquiti UniFI devices, and they were unable to determine why. From what we understand, Ubiquiti pushed down an update that automatically enabled the Auto Optimize Network feature on their UniFi devices. And when this happened, these systems were kicked off their WIFI networks. Once the setting was disabled, the Lyric Systems were then able to connect like normal. If this happened to you, just disable the Auto Optimize Network in the network controller setup settings for your Ubiquiti UniFi device. Then follow the regular steps to get your Lyric System connected to WIFI.

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