Will a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Work w/ a Phone Line?

No, a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 will not work with a phone line. There is no input for a phone line on the system, and the panel does not have an integrated dialer. This makes it impossible to use a phone line connection. However the IQ Panel 2 does support cellular service and WIFI connectivity.

Qolsys iq panel 2 at and t wireless security system with at and Standard telephone service is still occasionally used to monitor alarm systems. This is a largely archaic technology that can only provide support for the most basic of services. A telephone connection presents many restrictions for monitoring service. The communication speeds are slow, the connection is unreliable, and it is possible for others to tamper with the connection. But for users who are content with the most limited and unreliable monitoring services, a phone line will suffice. Some of the more modern panels that can support a phone line include the Interlogix XTi-5, the Honeywell L5210 and most hardwired VISTA Panels.

But for the Qolsys IQ Panel 2, a more advanced communication path is needed. Specifically, a cellular connection. The IQ Panel 2 comes included with its own integrated cellular communicator. However, a monitoring plan that includes cellular service is also needed to activate the module. This includes the Gold and Platinum level plans from Alarm Grid. Only once this module is activated can the IQ Panel 2 receive monitoring service. It's important to note that the panel also includes a WIFI card, but it will only work if the panel's cellular module is activated. Most IQ Panel 2 Systems ultimately use WIFI as the primary communication path and active cellular service as a reliable and consistent backup.

Once the IQ Panel 2 has active cellular service, it will be able to sync with Alarm.com. This is an interactive service that offers increased control and remote access capabilities for an alarm system. A user can access the Alarm.com service at any time to arm or disarm their system, check the status of sensors, control Z-Wave home automation devices and more. And by using the Alarm.com Mobile App, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere.

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