Will a Scene Created in Alarm.com be Pushed to a 2GIG GC3 or 2GIG GC3e?

No, a scene created in Alarm.com will not be pushed to a 2GIG GC3 or 2GIG GC3e. Any scene created in Alarm.com can only be performed remotely using the Alarm.com website or mobile app. Likewise, a smart scene created on the GC3 or GC3e can only be performed locally using the panel.

2gig gc3e wireless encrypted alarm panel

Smart scenes allow you to perform multiple actions at once with the click of a button. When building a smart scene, you choose which devices to include and how you want them to respond. Smart home automation devices like lights, door locks, and smart thermostats are commonly included in smart scenes. You can set each device to respond in a manner fitted for the scene. For example, you might have a scene called "Movie Night" where you lock the doors, dim the lights, and adjust the thermostat.

Scenes can be created locally through the panel touchscreen or via Alarm.com by using the website or mobile app. When you create a scene on Alarm.com, it will not be pushed over to the GC3 or GC3e for local control or editing from the panel. Rather, the scene will only be available for remote control and editing from the Alarm.com website and mobile app. After logging in to the website or mobile app, you should see a convenient menu where you can choose from a list of scenes to perform. Any scene created from Alarm.com will appear in this list. Please note that there are also several default scenes that can be edited, but can't be deleted. Scenes created on the GC3 or GC3e will not appear in the list on the Alarm.com website or mobile app.

It is also possible to create smart scenes locally at the GC3 or GC3e Panel. These scenes can only be manually performed at the panel, and they are not pushed over to Alarm.com for remote operation. To access the Scenes Menu, start from the main screen of the GC3 or GC3e and choose Smart Home Controls in the bottom-left, followed by Scenes. You can click on a scene to perform it. If you want to make a new scene, choose the Edit Scenes button, followed by Add New Scene. Then follow the on-screen prompts to build the scene. You will need to provide a name for the new smart scene. Once created, these scenes can only be edited or deleted from the GC3 or GC3e itself.

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