Will an Interlogix Simon XT Work w/ Apple HomeKit?

No, an Interlogix Simon XT will not work with Apple HomeKit. Apple has not provided HomeKit support for Alarm.com. Without this type of support, it is impossible to use a Simon XT with HomeKit. However an Interlogix Simon XT System can be used with Google Home or Amazon Alexa instead.

Interlogix simon xtA smart home controller, such as Apple HomeKit or Google Home, communicates with an alarm system in a unique way. These services do not usually speak directly with a security system. Instead, any command is typically through the network so that it can reach the panel's respective interactive service. The interactive service can then forward the command to the system so that any given action can be performed. This is the same way that remote Z-Wave smart home automation control is accomplished when using an interactive service platform. An exception to this rule is when HomeKit is used with the Honeywell Lyric Controller, as the service will communicate with the panel directly.

However, Apple HomeKit has not provided support for Alarm.com. A HomeKit device will not speak with Alarm.com to send any commands to a system. If a user wants to use Apple HomeKit, they should obtain a Honeywell Lyric instead. This is because HomeKit can communicate directly with the system. With this type of setup, a user will access the Apple Home App on their iOS device and can send voice commands through Siri to control their alarm system. Users can arm and disarm their system, check system status and control Z-Wave devices in this manner. Please note that this communication occurs at the system level, and it does not occur through Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 service.

But since Apple HomeKit will not speak with Alarm.com, these actions cannot be performed for an Interlogix Simon XT. However, Google Home and Amazon Alexa are alternative options for smart controllers that will communicate with Alarm.com. These services will provide virtually the same functions and features as Apple HomeKit. But remember, the Simon XT will still need to be receiving cellular monitoring service and be active with Alarm.com for this to be possible. This requires an appropriate alarm monitoring plan and a compatible Alarm.com cellular communicator.

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