Will My Honeywell L7000 Work w/ SmartThings?

Yes, your Honeywell L7000 will work with SmartThings. The L7000 will serve as a secondary Z-Wave controller, and the SmartThings Hub will serve as the primary. Any Z-Wave device that is paired with the L7000 will be pushed over to the SmartThings App. However, some extra hardware is needed.

Honeywell l7000 wireless home security system with 7 inch screen

First of all, the L7000 can only perform Z-Wave smart home functions if an L5100-ZWAVE Card is installed and active. As a result, you will need to add this module if you want to use your L7000 with Samsung SmartThings. Once you have an L5100-ZWAVE activated with your L7000, you can get started with the pairing process.

Setting your L7000 as a secondary controller to your Samsung SmartThings Hub provides some key advantages. Any Z-Wave device paired with the L7000 will be automatically pushed to the SmartThings App. You can then use the SmartThings App to individually control all of your Z-Wave devices. This will make the SmartThings App a convenient one-stop location for operating your Z-Wave devices on an individual basis.

However, there is a major limitation when doing this. Z-Wave devices can only be controlled using smart scenes either through the L7000 and Total Connect 2.0 or through Samsung SmartThings. In other words, if a Z-Wave device is being used with smart scenes conduced through the L7000 or Total Connect 2.0, then it cannot be used with smart scenes conduced through Samsung SmartThings. The vice-versa to that rule also applies.

Keep in mind that a Samsung SmartThings Hub supports Z-Wave Plus technology, while an L7000 does not. If you have a Z-Wave Plus device and you want it to experience maximum range and battery life, you must pair it with the SmartThings Hub directly. While you can pair a Z-Wave Plus device with the L7000 directly and have it show up on the SmartThings App, it will only have the range and battery life of a classic Z-Wave device.

But only by pairing it directly with the system can it be used with smart scenes through TC2 and the L7000. Of course, this will make it ineligible for use with smart scenes facilitated through the SmartThings Hub. Only a device paired directly with the SmartThings Hub will be able to be used with smart scenes operated through SmartThings. This nuance can be a little tricky, but it is very important to understand if you want to establish the best Z-Wave network using both SmartThings and an L7000.

As far as setting the L7000 as a secondary controller to Samsung SmartThings, the process is actually pretty simple. Make sure the L7000 and the SmartThings Hub are in relatively close proximity. Open the SmartThings App, and choose the option "+ Add a Thing". Then turn your attention to the L7000. Start from the main screen. Choose Automation > down arrow > Tools > Advanced Tools > Master or Installer Code (defaults are 1234 and 4112) > Learn. The L7000 and the SmartThings Hub should then begin pairing.

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