Will the ADC-SVR122 Continue to Record Video if I Lose My Internet Connection?

Yes, the ADC-SVR122 will continue to record video if you lose your internet connection. However, this will only occur if power is maintained to the router. The recordings will be available from Alarm.com after the internet connection has been restored. This only applies to SVR recordings.

If the internet is lost, the recordings can still be transferred from the camera to router and finally to the SVR using a local network connection. This local connection can remain in-place even if the internet goes out. Once the internet is restored, the SVR will proceed to automatically transfer the footage to Alarm.com. The user can then access the Alarm.com platform to view the recordings. You can also view the recordings by connecting the SVR to a monitor with its HDMI output and using a USB mouse to scroll between footage.

However, this type of recording setup is dependent upon the router staying powered on. If the electricity goes out entirely and the WIFI router shuts down, then there will be no way to transfer the footage from the camera to the SVR. Remember, the footage must pass through a local network connection through the router first. For that reason, a user might want to consider some type of backup power source for their WIFI router. Although the internet might still become lost when the power goes out, the router can remain powered on for the local network connection. You will also probably want a backup power option for the SVR itself and your ADC cameras.

Please note that only SVR recordings can be stored while the internet is down. Video motion detection clips will become lost entirely when the internet is down, unless they were already stored on the Alarm.com Cloud. Also keep in mind that there is a limited amount of storage space available on the SVR122. There are 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options are available. If you run out of space, you can save the footage to a computer hard drive and delete the footage from the SVR to make additional room.

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