Can I Use My MyQ Garage Door With a Total Connect 2.0 Smart Scene?

Yes you can use your MyQ Garage Door with a Total Connect 2.0 Smart Scene. However, you can only do this in a very limited manner. It is impossible to have the MyQ Garage Door open or close automatically based on system activity. But you can have the system respond to the garage door.

There is a Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ integration available for Total Connect 2.0. This integration allows you to access Total Connect 2.0 to open or close your garage door manually. Unfortunately, this integration does not allow you to include your MyQ Garage Door with smart scenes. But there is a limited work-around available that will let you have your system respond automatically to the garage door opening or closing.

This work around involves setting up a sensor on your garage door and associating that zone with a "pretend" Honeywell 5877 Relay Module. The "pretend" device will be associated with one of your garage door zone slots. You will then create a smart scene that will have the system respond based on the activity of the garage door zone.

Before you begin, you should be aware of a few limitations. First, there is no garage door relay involved with this setup. This means that you cannot have your garage door automatically open or close based on system activity. Second, there are no garage door slots on a Honeywell VISTA System. The work around we are covering here will only work with a Resideo Lyric or a Honeywell LYNX Touch.

To get started, you will want to add a sensor to your garage door. We recommend using a Honeywell 5822T for this process. This is a wireless tilt sensor that is mounted on the upper portion of your garage door. When the garage door is open, the sensor will be in a horizontal position. And when the garage door is closed, the sensor will be in a vertical position. Your system will be able to recognize the position of the sensor and know whether the garage door is opened or closed.

You must enroll the 5822T to one of the designated garage door zones on your panel. This can be seen in the following table:

Garage Door 1
Garage Door 2
Garage Door 3
Garage Door 4
L5100, L5200, or L5210
Zone 46 Zone 47 Zone 48 N/A
Zone 45 Zone 46 Zone 47 Zone 48
Lyric Controller
Zone 127 Zone 128 Zone 129 Zone 130

Next, you will program a "pretend" 5877 Relay Module with your system. Start from the main screen of your panel. Choose Automation > down arrow > Garage Door Setup. Then choose the Garage Door Slot associated with the Zone Number where you programmed the 5822T. Click on "Assign Device". In the Serial Number field, enter any random 7-digit number like "1234567". Click "Done" when you are finished. The system will now think that a 5877 has been enrolled. You can return to the main screen using the return arrow in the upper-right.

Finally, use Total Connect 2.0 to create a smart scene based around the Garage Door Slot. You can have the system Arm or Disarm automatically whenever the garage door opens or closes. You can also have various smart home devices respond based on garage door activity. Just remember that you can not have the garage door open or close automatically based on system activity, as there is no relay involved.

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