Is the 2GIG Tilt1-345 Compatible with a Honeywell Lyric?

The 2GIG Tilt1-345 is not compatible with the Honeywell Lyric. Though it uses the same 345 MHz frequency as other 2GIG uni-directional sensors, Alarm Grid has tested the products together and found that they don't work. The 2GIG Tilt1-345's tamper works as expected, but not the tilt signal.

The 2GIG Tilt1-345 is a wireless tilt sensor meant to allow a user to monitor the state of a tilting garage or other overhead door. It has a very small form factor, measuring only 1.72" L x 1.09" W x .95" D (4.37cm x 2.77cm x 2.41cm). It mounts near the top of the door to be monitored using either screws or double-sided foam tape, both supplied. The higher on the inside of the door the sensor is mounted, the more quickly it will indicate that the door is opened when it begins to tilt upward. Honeywell has a similar sensor in the 5822T, though it is somewhat larger at 1.5" W x 3.06" H x 1.18" D (40mm x 78mm x 30mm). The 5822T is compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System.

The Lyric Controller is the only Honeywell panel that can support 2GIG sensors right out of the box, though it must be on version MR3 or higher to do so. Any of the Resideo and Honeywell Home ProSeries panels can support 2GIG sensors, but only after adding a PROTAKEOVER wireless to wireless converter module. The ProSeries panels include the Resideo PROA7C and Resideo PROA7PLUSC and the Honeywell Home PROA7 and Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS. Also, the Lyric is the only Honeywell panel that can support both 5800 Series wireless sensors and 2GIG wireless. When using the PROTAKEOVER, you must choose between Honeywell and 2GIG wireless. You cannot use both.

In our testing, we were able learn the 2GIG Tilt1-345 into the Lyric panel, but only by faulting the tamper. When trying to learn in the serial number by tilting the sensor with the cover still on, to mimic an opened overhead door, it would not learn in. Once it was learned in using the tamper, we attempted to change the loop number to Loop 1, as per the Tilt1-345 instructions. After doing so and exiting programming, a fault of the sensor by tilting it provides no response. Removing the cover at that point provides a Tamper Trouble indication. If the zone is programmed using Loop 4, then removing the cover provides a Fault or Alarm, depending on whether the system is armed.

We tested using all four (4) loop numbers. With the zone programmed using loops 1 - 3, tilting the sensor provides no response, removing the cover provides a tamper response. Programming as Loop 4 provides no response when the sensor is tilted, and a fault or alarm condition when the cover is removed, based on whether or not the system is armed. We tested using Response Types of Entry/Exit as well as Garage, and the behavior was the same for both. We verified that our 2GIG Tilt1-345 is working properly by testing it using a 2GIG GC3 panel. It worked as expected using the 2GIG panel.

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