Honeywell Lyric AT&T-3G 10-1 Kit

Wireless Alarm System, 10 Door/Window Sensors, Motion, 8' Cable

Honeywell lyricpk10 at dual path new security system w slash at

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Apple HomeKit compatible wireless security system that comes with everything you need to get started. The LyricPK10-AT is one of the most affordable ways to build a security system for a large home. A built-in WIFI receiver and the AT&T 3G cellular card ensures maximum safety. 10 Door and window sensors, 1 motion detector, and the Lyric security system itself. The included wall plug and 8-foot cable will make installation a breeze. You won't find a better value. You won't get better support. Get the same system that the professionals install.
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Home Assistant
  • Total Connect
  • Z-Wave
  • Amazon Alexa
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Honeywell Lyric AT&T-3G 10-1 Kit Compatible Products

Wireless Door/Window Contact for Lyric Controller
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $23.99
Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector for Lyric Controller
List Price: $120.00
Our Price: $78.99
Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
List Price: $140.00
Our Price: $101.99

Kit Includes

AT&T Cellular Communicator for the Lyric Security System
List Price: $164.00
Our Price: $97.99
Alarm System, 10 door/window sensors, 1 Motion, 8' Cable
List Price: $902.00
Our Price: $418.99
They Lyric controller can support up to (8) LKP500 keypads at one time: They Lyric system itself is what supports Honeywell's version of Crash and Smash - it's called APL or Advanced Protection Logic. The keypads themselves don't affect this feature.
Are remote keypads available for multiple entry points and crash and smash mitigation?
The AT&T-LTE communicator is faster than the AT&T-3G communicator.
Hi Bob, there is a package with the LTE communicator:
Will this package be offered with the Lyric LTE Communicator?
Yes, but we'd encourage you to contact that company for purchase and pre-sales questions to ensure they are familiar with the Lyric system and capable of providing you monitoring service on that type of system.
I see, can I choose to use my own alarm service company?
The Verizon unit would use Verizon's CDMA network. I'm not really sure how the re-sellers would work but if you try one of the units (AT&T or Verizon) and there's not sufficient, signal strength, we can always try the other option. You won't need to setup anything with an actual carrier. You just have to buy the right unit for the coverage in your area and sign up for the right plan that includes the cellular monitoring service.
Can i use the Verizon or ATT wireless resellers as an option? Looks like i have 3G Verizon coverage - so i will go with that. I'm looking at PagePlus - which is official Verizon prepaid reseller. Would you know what type of service i need in terms of voice, text or data. I recall in the old days - it use to function as dial up modem over voice line.
Well you could try the AT&T version and if it doesn't have sufficient signal strength, we can recommend a cellular amplifier unit that should help. The other option is to do WIFI only signaling.
Surprisingly - Verizon is even worse :(
No, the GSM unit comes with the included SIM and there is no option for a T-Mobile communicator. If you don't think the AT&T version would work, we have a Verizon option instead at Do you know if you get Verizon coverage?
It says this unit supports AT&T, can i use TMOBILE as my GSM provider instead? ATT service is poor in my area.
Are glass break sensors available for Lyric?
No, as they both support AT&T and Verizon cellular monitoring. The Lyric is newer than the L7000 and has some extra features that the LYNX Touch panels don't have so if you are looking for the latest and greatest all-in-one wireless Honeywell system, I would just get the Lyric with the AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator.
If you're starting out with nothing and want cellular monitoring, is there any reason to choose the 7000 series over the Lyric (assuming the cost difference isn't a factor)?
No, we can activate a system on WIFI only as well. We do recommend using cellular as a backup communication for when the WIFI is offline or available though.
To activate an alarm grid service do I need to purchase the cdma or GSM kit?
No, we offer our best price every day.
Will you be running a sale on this kit?
* Based on a 10% APR with 12 months financing. APR's will vary between 10% - 30% based on credit score and various factors.