How Do I Monitor the Temperature of My Pool or Hot Tub On a Lyric?

You can monitor the temperature of your pool or hot tub on a Lyric by setting up a digital programmable temperature sensor with a compatible waterproof probe and then pairing the temperature sensor with the Lyric by using a compatible wireless transmitter, such as a Honeywell SiXCT Sensor.

When setting up a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System to monitor the temperature of a pool or hot tub, there are several things to keep in mind. First, you will need a digital temperature sensor that allows you to custom set the high and low temperature limits to meet the needs of your specific application. One temperature sensor that works great for this is the Winland EA400. For more information on using the EA400, please refer to its Installation and Owner's Manual, which can be accessed here you can also refer to this informative FAQ. Other options are available as well, but this is the one we recommend if you are shopping on the Alarm Grid website.

Second, you will need two (2) compatible waterproof probes to accurately monitor the water temperature. The reason why you need two probes is because one will be used for high-temp output, and the other will be used for the low-temp output. You can use two of the same probe models. A good probe option for the Winland EA400 is the Winland TEMP-L-W. Just remember that while the Winland TEMP-L-W Probe is waterproof, the Winland EA400 Sensor is not. You will need to mount or install the EA400 in a spot where it receives protection against harmful outdoor elements. This could include inside a shed, in a pool house, or under some sort of covering. The operating temperature range for the EA400 is 32℉ - 122℉ with 5% to 95% relative humidity. If you are using a different sensor-probe combination, refer to the manual of that sensor for mounting info.

Third, you will need to find a way to integrate the temperature sensor with a zone on your Lyric System. This is most commonly done using a wireless transmitter. The temperature sensor will wire directly to the transmitter, and you will enroll the transmitter with the Lyric System. By doing this, the transmitter will communicate with the Lyric on behalf of the temperature sensor. A common wireless transmitter option for the Lyric is the Honeywell SiXCT, but other options are also available. Remember that the setup may require a power supply and backup battery to power the temperature sensor, as there will be no panel for the temperature sensor to draw power from.

When a waterproof probe connected to the temperature sensor detects a water temperature outside of the defined high-low limits that you set, the temperature sensor will activate, and the transmitter will alert the Lyric to the situation. The Lyric will then respond based on the Response Type that you set for the associated zone. A common Response Type for this type of setup is 24-Hour Auxiliary. Just remember that if you are monitored with a central station to let the central station know that this is for a pool or hot tub temperature zone so that the appropriate response occurs.

Complete the following steps to monitor your pool or hot tub using your Lyric:

1. Mount sensor and probes. Install your digital temperature sensor and waterproof probes. Make sure to choose a safe location for the temperature sensor, in accordance with its product manual. Do not allow your temperature sensor to receive excessive exposure from the outside elements unless its manual indicates that it is safe for outdoor use.

2 Connect transmitter and power. Connect the temperature sensor to the wireless transmitter. Refer to the manual for your temperature sensor for more information. Make sure the wireless transmitter is compatible with the Lyric System. As part of the setup, you may need to connect a power supply and backup battery as well. Or if the temperature sensor is using its own, independent power source, then you should set it up at this time.

3. Program the temperature sensor. On your temperature sensor, set the high-low temperature limits for the probe zone or zones. This is the range that the water must remain within to prevent your system from being alerted. Refer to the manual for your temperature sensor to learn how to set its temperature limits.

In addition to programming the parameters for the probe or probes, you must also configure the output from the temperature sensor to the wireless transmitter. Be sure to configure the zone output based on the requirements of the transmitter being used. For example, when using the SIXCT, you will need to configure and wire the zone output so that it is normally closed.

4. Enroll transmitter to Lyric. Learn-in the wireless transmitter to an open zone on your Lyric System. For more information on this process, please see this FAQ. Keep in mind that a Response Type of 24-Hour Auxiliary is advised. Remember to always let the central monitoring station know the nature and purpose of a 24 Hour Aux Zone.

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