Yale YRD226

Assure Lock Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt

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The Yale YRD226 Assure Lock is a Z-Wave door lock that integrates a door into a smart home set up. A user can control the device to lock or unlock the door much like they would for any other Z-Wave device. This includes creating smart scenes. Protect your home with the Yale YRD226 Door Lock.
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The Yale YRD226 Assure Z-Wave Deadbolt Door Lock is designed to replace any standard door lock so that the user can lock or unlock the door using wireless Z-Wave commands. The door can also be locked or unlocked from the device itself by entering a valid code into its touchscreen keypad.

As a deadbolt door lock, the Yale YRD226 meets Grade 2 Deadbolt Operational and Security Standards. This makes it effective for replacing almost any standard door lock and giving the user greater smart home control. The lock can be easily paired with most Z-Wave controllers. If it is set up with an alarm system that has access to either Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com, a user will be able to check the lock's current status and control the device from virtually anywhere. An interactive service platform can also be used to send the user notifications regarding any activity.

By setting the lock up with a Z-Wave controller, a user will be able create up to 250 unique codes for use with the lock. The codes can be assigned anywhere from four to eight digits, and they can be set up using the lock itself. The device also includes a weather protection gasket, single-touch locking capabilities, backlit numbers, a privacy button and a tamper-resistant back cover.

Brand: Yale

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Excellent Lock!
Submitted on 06/09/2020 Alarm Grid

The Yale YRD226 is a Z-Wave Plus touchscreen deadbolt lock that allows a user to lock and unlock their door remotely by using an automation platform. The lock is universally compatible with nearly any Z-Wave controller, making it a very versatile and useful device. It also includes some nice features like a weather protection gasket, single-touch locking functionality, backlit numbers, a privacy button, and a tamper-resistant back cover. We think the Yale YRD226 is a fantastic product, and we give it a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Yale YRD226. For one, it has an attractive design that will fit in nicely with nearly any modern home. The lock retains a traditional key slot, so you can still use a key if desired, or if the touchscreen isn't working. The lock stores up to 250 codes, so it's highly unlikely that you will run out of slots. Three (3) different finishing options are available, which is a nice personalized touch. The lock uses Z-Wave Plus technology, which helps extend wireless range and battery life when paired with a Z-Wave Plus controller. The lock meets Grade 2 Deadbolt Operational and Security Standards, thereby making it extremely secure. And as we mentioned earlier, the lock is loaded with great features.

There are not many downsides regarding the Yale YRD226. Like any door lock, it will need to be physically installed on the door. Most DIY users should be able to accomplish this though. Also, make sure to consider the fact that Z-Wave door locks like the Yale YRD226 do not repeat Z-Wave signals. But overall, these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Yale YRD226 a 5 Star rating.

Good: Attractive Design, Traditional Key Slot Option, Up to 250 Codes, 3 Finishing Options, Z-Wave Plus, Very Secure, Lots of Features

Bad: Must be Installed, Won't Repeat Z-Wave Signals

Bottom Line: 5 Stars

Need assistance with Yale lock YRD226, the Z-wave Plus module YRMZW2-US and the Lyric Controller 500. Issue: Once I enroll the Z-wave Plus module with the Lyric Controller, the 'User Codes' previously programed on the Yale YRD226 stops working. The Master Code continues to work. Trouble shoot steps taken so far: 1.Cleared the Yale lock from the Z-Wave network before attempting to enroll it with the Lyric Controller, using exclusion mode. 2. With the Lyric in its inclusion mode, activate the inclusion function on the lock = 'User Codes' does not unlock lock 3. Reset the Yale lock to factory default, entered master code, user codes and enroll Z Wave Plus = User Codes does not unlock lock 4. Re-programed the User codes after enrolling the Z-Wave Plus module to Lyric = User code does not unlock lock 5. Press the "Privacy button" for 4 seconds back and forth = User code does not unlock lock 6. Called Yale USA support and they concluded it was a bad Z-Wave Plus Module 7. Got a new Yale lock YRD226 & Z-Wave Plus module from Yale USA, followed the instructions to enrolled to Lyric = User code does not unlock lock **Once the Z-Wave module is enrolled, I am able to lock and unlock the lock from the Lyric Controller **The lock shows up in the Lyric Controller with no errors **All functions of the Master Code work as expected, including the lock and unlock functions **Only after excluding the Z-Wave Plus module from the Lyric Controller, the User Codes start to work **The Z Wave module was installed and uninstalled from the lock with no batteries in. Can you guys provide assistance with this problem? I purchased the Lyric Controller from Alarm Grid but have not been able to use it because of this issue. Thanks, Rodrigo
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