2GIG GC3PK-GC3 - Factory Packaged GC3, 3 wireless door/window sensors, 1 wireless motion, and a key fob kit

Extremely Niche Use
Submitted on 07/24/2019 Alarm Grid

We do not recommend the 2GIG GC3PK-GC3 System Kit. This kit does not include an Communicator. As a result, you will not be able to activate it for monitoring service, unless you add a cellular module. The only reason to purchase this kit is if you already have an LTE cellular communicator for a GC3. Even then, you would usually be better off just purchasing a standalone GC3 System, which we sell for $259.99 at the time of this writing. You should only buy this kit if you already have a communicator, but you still need sensors.

Alarm Grid offers a very similar GC3 System Kit called the 2GIG GC3 Verizon-LTE 3-1 Kit that includes a Verizon LTE Communicator for monitoring service. Since you are going to need a communicator anyway, this is the most economical option if you are looking for a GC3 Kit. The 2GIG GC3 Verizon-LTE 3-1 Kit is available for $431.99 at the time of this review. Additionally, an AT&T LTE Communicator called the 2GIG LTEA-A-GC3 is expected to be available soon. Alarm Grid will most likely begin offering GC3 Kits based around this communicator once it is available.

It's worth mentioning that this pre-packaged GC3 Kit comes with a 2GIG KEY1-345 Key Fob, while the GC3 LTE Kits do not. This isn't really a big deal, as you can just control your system from your phone using once you have activated your system for monitoring service. Additionally, our LTE kits include a Honeywell LT-Cable for easy installation. This pre-packaged kit lacks an LT-Cable, so you will have to supply your own wiring. That's very inconvenient.

If that weren't enough, 2GIG is expected to release their 2GIG GC3e System sometime in Summer of 2019. You might just want to wait for that system to come out. You might also consider going with a Resideo Lyric Alarm System instead of a GC3. Most users find that the Lyric is easy to program. All things considered, the only reason to purchase this particular kit is if you are in the extremely niche situation of already owning a GC3 LTE Communicator, but you still need a GC3 System and sensors. That is why we cannot recommend this product.

As we mentioned before, many users considering a 2GIG GC3 ultimately decide to go with a Lyric Controller. We recommend reading our FAQ titled "Honeywell Lyric Security System vs 2GIG GC3".

Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-AT - AT&T 3G Cellular Communicator for Simon XT, XTi & XTi-5

Get an LTE Communicator Instead.
Submitted on 07/24/2019 Alarm Grid

We do not recommend the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-AT. This 3G communicator can no longer be activated with the 3G sunset. If you need an AT&T communicator for your Interlogix Simon Panel, you should purchase the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-LTE-AT. There's also a dual-path communicator available called the XT-511-US-AT that uses AT&T LTE and IP connectivity. Either of these communicators is a much better option than the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-AT.

Cellular service providers like AT&T are currently shutting down their older 3G networks in favor of the more advanced LTE networks. The LTE networks are faster and more reliable, which makes them better-suited for alarm monitoring. Since 3G networks will be shut down in the coming years, companies that operate interactive alarm monitoring platforms no longer allow 3G activations. As a result, you can no longer activate an Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-AT for use with If you have already activated this module, then you can continue to use it until AT&T shuts down their 3G network. This is expected to occur by the end of 2022. We recommend upgrading to an LTE communicator before then so that you do not experience any interruptions to your monitoring service.

Customers looking to get an AT&T LTE communicator for an Interlogix Simon XT, Simon XTi, Simon XTi-5, or a Simon XTi-5i should get an Interlogix 600-1048-XT-LTE-AT instead. This communicator is available from Alarm Grid for $166.99 at the time of this writing. If you don't mind spending a bit more, you can get the XT-511-US-AT, which costs $197.99 at the time of this writing. Both the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-LTE-AT and the XT-511-US-AT also provide Z-Wave functionality. This means that you can start building a Z-Wave network for use with Remember, you will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular communication to activate one of these modules and use it for monitoring service.

For more information on the importance of LTE, please review our FAQ titled "Why Should I Get an LTE Communicator?"

Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-TM - T-Mobile 3G Cellular Communicator for NX-4V2, NX-6V2, NX-8V2, and NX-8E

Get an LTE Communicator Instead.
Submitted on 07/24/2019 Alarm Grid

We do not recommend purchasing the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-TM. With the 3G sunset, this communicator can no longer be activated. You should purchase an equivalent LTE communicator instead. The LTE communicators are available for around the same price as this module ($217.99 at the time of this review).

Cellular service providers are currently in the process of shutting down their older 3G networks in favor of the more advanced LTE networks. The companies that operate alarm monitoring platforms are aware of this, and they have made it impossible to activate 3G communicators for monitoring service. If you purchase the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-TM, you will not be able to activate it. As a result, this product is totally useless. The module was useful when ADC still allowed 3G activations. In fact, it was fairly unique for being a T-Mobile Communicator with Z-Wave control. But now, this module is obsolete.

Instead of the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-GSM-ZX-TM, you should get an equivalent LTE communicator. The best options are either the NX-410-US-AT (AT&T LTE) or the Interlogix Networx NX-592E-LTE-ZX-VZ (Verizon LTE). Just choose whichever service works better in your area. Most users with good T-Mobile service will also have good service from either AT&T or Verizon. These LTE communicators also include built-in Z-Wave control. This means that you will be able to start building a Z-Wave network for use with

Remember, you will need an alarm monitoring plan that includes cellular communication to activate one of these modules. A Gold Plan or Platinum Plan from Alarm Grid are both excellent options for alarm monitoring. These plans also include home automation service so that you can start using for smart home control. You can click the orange Alarm Monitoring button at the top of this page to learn more about alarm monitoring.

With an LTE communicator, you will get faster and more reliable monitoring service. You will also be able to keep your system monitored well into the very distant future. Cellular service providers have stated that they have no plans to shut down their LTE networks any time soon. By getting an LTE communicator, you are essentially "future-proofing" your system. If you want to keep your Interlogix Networx panel monitored for the long run, don't get a 3G communicator. Get an LTE communicator. Either the NX-410-US-AT or the Interlogix Networx NX-592-LTE-ZX-VZ is what you need. For more information on the importance of an LTE communicator, please see our FAQ titled "Why Should I Get an LTE Communicator?"

Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI - Wireless IP Security System with 7-inch Screen

Get the Lyric WIFI-Only 3-1 Kit Instead
Submitted on 07/24/2019 Alarm Grid

Our team does not recommend purchasing the Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI Wireless Security System Kit. While the Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 is still a nice alarm panel, it has since been replaced by the newer and more advanced Resideo Lyric Alarm System. Unlike the L7000, the Lyric has built-in Z-Wave, and it can receive firmware updates more easily. To upgrade the firmware on the L7000, you need a special Honeywell LYNXTOUCH-MSD Firmware Updater Tool. Additionally, the Lyric comes with built-in WIFI, meaning that you do not need to install a WIFI card. The L7000 requires you to physically install the L5100-WIFI Card, which comes included with the kit.

Alarm Grid actually sells an equivalent Lyric System Kit, which is called the Honeywell Lyric WIFI-Only 3-1 Kit. This kit is actually CHEAPER than the less-robust L7000PK-WIFI Kit ($321.99 vs. $349.99 at the time of this review). As such, there really is no reason to purchase the Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI Kit. If you are considering this kit, you should just get the Honeywell Lyric WIFI-Only 3-1 Kit instead. That kit also includes a Honeywell LT-Cable, which makes installation easier. This L7000 Kit does not include an LT-Cable, so you will need to find your own wiring. The only advantage to this L7000 Kit is that it includes a Honeywell 5834-4 Key Fob, while the Lyric WIFI-Only 3-1 Kit does not. But even then, you could just purchase a Honeywell 5834-4 Key Fob separately ($29.99), and it would be about the same cost. But you really don't even need the key fob anyway, as you can just as easily control your system remotely from your phone using Total Connect 2.0.

Bottom line, there really is no reason to purchase this Honeywell L7000PK-WIFI Kit, unless you absolutely need an L7000 System for whatever reason. You should just get the Lyric WIFI-Only 3-1 Kit instead if you plan to use IP monitoring. That kit includes a better system at a lower cost. The Lyric and the L7000 have very similar menus. If you're already used to a LYNX Touch System, you will have no problem transitioning to a Lyric. Additionally, you should appreciate the better features of the Lyric, including the support for more wireless zones, the built-in Z-Wave control, the built-in WIFI card, and the ability to easily add a cellular communicator. Most users also find that the Lyric has a more appealing outer design and a cleaner UI than the L7000. In our experience, the Lyric is better in virtually every aspect.

For more information on the differences between the Lyric and the L7000, please read our FAQ titled "Honeywell Lyric Controller vs. Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems."

Honeywell SIXSIREN - Wireless Siren for the Lyric Controller

Works great
Submitted on 06/19/2016 Ryan

I mounted the SIXSIREN in my garage. Its LED indicators make it easy for my children to know if the alarm is armed or disarmed when we are heading out or home. Easy to set up and mount and its plenty loud.

Honeywell VISTA-21iP - Internet Alarm Control Panel

Easy after the initial learning curve
Submitted on 12/08/2015 Lee

Setting up this panel is pretty straight forward. The programming can be a bit of a pain and the documentation could be organized much better. I would recommend skimming over the entire documentation before jumping into the install.

I had never setup a security system before, although I am very technical. The most difficult thing for me was understanding "end of line" (EOL) resistors and the different resistors for zone doubling. There are some good videos on Youtube that explain it. Be sure to check those out!

Amseco SSX-52S - Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe

Submitted on 02/20/2015 Ryan

Best siren ever, we have 4 on the estate property and security can hear them from anywhere. A must have !!!

Honeywell 5816 - Wireless Door Sensor and Window Sensor

Submitted on 02/01/2015 Sean

Rock solid , They never fail . 18 of them on all doors & windows of the lower level . Reliability is never a Question.

Honeywell L5200 - LYNX Touch Wireless Home Security System and Alarm Control Panel

SmartHome Capabilities
Submitted on 01/23/2015 Maxwell Taro

Not only is the L5200 an excellent security system, it also caters to almost every aspect in your home such as lighting, temperature, door locks, garage doors and even water valves! When I "arm away", all of my interior lights turn off. The lights are also on a timer with the alarm panel so I never come home to a dark house. This system with AlarmGrid is extremely powerful and practical.

Honeywell L5200PK-WIFI - IP Security System Kit with WIFI Communicator

A solid system from a solid company
Submitted on 11/14/2014 Ryan McAbee

I researched available alarm systems for several weeks before choosing the Honeywell L5200 system. The combination of small and inconspicuous alarm modules, a Wifi and Cellular enabled touchscreen wall unit with a mobile app, plus the fact that it's made by a company that has been a leader in security and wireless communications for a long time made it a no brainer for me - not to mention a great DIY price point.

Soon after placing my order online, I received a call from Alarm Grid to ask if I had any questions about the system or installation. A very unexpected yet reassuring gesture. The staff at Alarm Grid is knowledgeable and helpful and stands behind their products.

A very pleased customer!