Honeywell LYNXZ-KT57-WIFI - L5100PK with WIFI communicator and 10 5811 Wireless Sensors

Easy to install, easy to use with great feature set
Submitted on 04/15/2014 Eric

Very well integrated unit. Touchscreen keypad serves as main control unit for security system. Easy to install, just need to the LT-Cable if your outlet is within 8-feet. If not, just as easy to wire with 18/2 thermostat wire to the control panel. Programming this unit is very, very easy. While Honeywell does not actively market this system to the DIY-homeowner it is ideally suited for this use. You do not need to be a professional to get this up and running. Just watch the videos, you will see. The 5811 sensors are much better than the 5816 as they are significantly smaller/lower profile. The WIFI connects easily to my Verion FiOS supplied router and last but certainly not least the customer support provided by Alarm Grid is second to none in the security services category.

Honeywell IS2535 - Pet Immune Motion Detector

Submitted on 04/09/2014 John C

Great sensor; easy install; easy to adjust the sensitivity.

Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT - Internet Security System

John C
Submitted on 04/09/2014 John C

Great product. Was easy to install and wire. Follow the Alarm Grid videos and you'll have a fairly easy install. Product works like a charm and is very adaptable to various needs. Great for replacing on older wired system to take advantage of the wired portions and flexibility to add in wireless devices using a wireless capable receiver like the 6162RF

Honeywell 5822T - Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor

Easy to install
Submitted on 03/24/2014 Mark Fisher

I added this item to a garage door I can not easily see. It enrolled easily and I use the included mounting plate to put it on my door. My door is a solid full insulted metal door I uses 2 small machine screws Predrilled smaller than the screw.

Note when you enroll look at the arrow on the case as that is the vertical direction for "not tilted or open" thus once enrolled be sure to install it that way as well the arrow blends in and it could be easy to install upside down. I went with my top door panel near center. Also activated the chime so when My wife comes home I hear the announcement long before I hear her hit the back door we have a large detached garage. I paired this with the 5277 Garage door relay so I can operate the door from anywhere via Total connect Once my Ups guy knows he can text me when he pulls up and I can open the door he can either doorbell close it or I can close and the tilt sensor will elt you know its all good.

Honeywell 6460 - Premium Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad

Submitted on 02/07/2014 Dan

Can't seem to turn off the back light. should go off with inactivity but does not. don't install in bedroom.

Honeywell L5100PK - L5100 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System

Submitted on 02/04/2014 mark fisher

I bought this ala carte as I had an older Ademco panel so my sensors were all 5800 style and easy to enroll into the new Lynxtouch. Any questions I had were answered and walked through while I was at the panel. Security Language and terminology takes a little thinking but like anything else learn able. This system puts you in control rather than my old alarm system I wa married to the company if I wanted to make changes. This sytem is awesome to expand and really secure your home Smoke and Fire monitoring is included. The straight forward thinking of this company will continue to build loyal customers simply. Between all the online manuals and Help Videos you learn alot.

Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE - LYNX Touch Z-Wave Controller

Submitted on 02/04/2014 Mark Fisher

Well this was a new concept for me as I originally got a new Lynxtouch L5100 to allow me to have better control and flexibility with my system. My old system was very difficult to program and not as user Friendly. So after exploring what Zwave was I added this little mini board. very easy to add and let the panel know it is installed. I have added a few switches. I added 3 Zwave Thermostats as that is the limitation however I have a 4 zone (not security zone) Boiler so I chose the 3 zones that are the most important. I have plent of room to expand on lighting and Receptacles. This little module would be plenty for most typical homes. Had I known before what i have learned and read I would have gotten maybe the Tuxedo Touch. As this is now a hobby to add zwave and overcome the challenges because of the age of my house and infrastructure. Total connect is a great tool to incorporate remote access to the modules and creating scenes and rules. SO yes 5 stars on Installation of the panel. and use with Total Connect. NOw on to my reading up on the Tuxedo Touch. Might swap them out!!

Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE - LYNX Touch Z-Wave Controller

Submitted on 02/03/2014 Mark Fisher

Love the Zwave feature easy enrollment and tons of fun and technology right on Total Connect! I wish I would have understood it sooner I am now addicted to my home system and exploring it and adding zwave modules here and there. I wish it did the 4th Thermostat O have not tried but I read it has a capacity of 3, having hot water heat aka boiler I have 4 zones. I would be curious to see the panel see or shows when a 4th one was tried to enroll.
I can see where I should have got the the Tuxedo Touch Oh well love the Lynx Touch 5100 and the zwave module was a breeze to put in. I have an old house so some of it is challenging. Tip Z wave modules can take up extr room in a work box so if doing a remodel or new construction think ahead and put the larger deeper boxes in. Going to start to read the Tuxedo Touch to see how it is to set up and move my stuff over if i get the itch!!

Honeywell iGSMV4G - Honeywell Dual Path Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Easy DIY
Submitted on 01/17/2014 Al Dolgins

I ordered the Honeywell communicator from Alarm Grid and with Sterling's great support transferred my previously ADT connected alarm to Alarm Grid. The communicator is located in the basement where we get terrible Cell phone reception, but this device's connection is strong and has no problems connecting. Having both Internet and Cell communication insures reliable transmission of any alarm event. The hardware is solid but the support from Alarm Grid is just phenomenal.

Honeywell 5828 - Wireless Fixed English Alarm Keypad

Submitted on 01/16/2014 mark

Added this to our second floor as we have an old house and we sleep upstairs so this allows for us to hit a panic or fire button as well as arm and disarm the system form another location. We are using this with Lynx touch L5100 there are how to videos and excellent phone support. We used the wiring from our old alarm system to power this unit You will need to buy an option transformer which I did and spliced it to my existing in the wall wiring But it does not need any wiring to the Lynxtouch hence the word wireless. Can also be powered with 3 AAA batteries for along time. Great add on for larger homes or 2 stories. it is always there when it is on the wall. Key fobs are nice but this is more permanent.