Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE - LYNX Touch Z-Wave Controller

Submitted on 02/03/2014 Mark Fisher

Love the Zwave feature easy enrollment and tons of fun and technology right on Total Connect! I wish I would have understood it sooner I am now addicted to my home system and exploring it and adding zwave modules here and there. I wish it did the 4th Thermostat O have not tried but I read it has a capacity of 3, having hot water heat aka boiler I have 4 zones. I would be curious to see the panel see or shows when a 4th one was tried to enroll.
I can see where I should have got the the Tuxedo Touch Oh well love the Lynx Touch 5100 and the zwave module was a breeze to put in. I have an old house so some of it is challenging. Tip Z wave modules can take up extr room in a work box so if doing a remodel or new construction think ahead and put the larger deeper boxes in. Going to start to read the Tuxedo Touch to see how it is to set up and move my stuff over if i get the itch!!

Honeywell iGSMV4G - Honeywell Dual Path Alarm Monitoring Communicator

Easy DIY
Submitted on 01/17/2014 Al Dolgins

I ordered the Honeywell communicator from Alarm Grid and with Sterling's great support transferred my previously ADT connected alarm to Alarm Grid. The communicator is located in the basement where we get terrible Cell phone reception, but this device's connection is strong and has no problems connecting. Having both Internet and Cell communication insures reliable transmission of any alarm event. The hardware is solid but the support from Alarm Grid is just phenomenal.

Honeywell 5828 - Wireless Fixed English Alarm Keypad

Submitted on 01/16/2014 mark

Added this to our second floor as we have an old house and we sleep upstairs so this allows for us to hit a panic or fire button as well as arm and disarm the system form another location. We are using this with Lynx touch L5100 there are how to videos and excellent phone support. We used the wiring from our old alarm system to power this unit You will need to buy an option transformer which I did and spliced it to my existing in the wall wiring But it does not need any wiring to the Lynxtouch hence the word wireless. Can also be powered with 3 AAA batteries for along time. Great add on for larger homes or 2 stories. it is always there when it is on the wall. Key fobs are nice but this is more permanent.

Honeywell L5000PK - L5000 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System

Don't Get wires, just get teh LT Cable
Submitted on 01/02/2014 D Rumkin

You dont' need to buy wires. Alarm Grid has an LT-Cable that works perfectly for this system.

Honeywell L5000PK - L5000 LYNX Touch Wireless Security System

Hope this info help you.
Submitted on 12/04/2013 David L.

If you plan to install this kits yourself, you must know that the kits provided is not complete. You have to purchase electrical wires to connect to your transformer

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

Submitted on 12/02/2013 Lou

I love the Tuxedo Touch panel. The Alarmgrid folks gave me all the step-by-step instructions I needed to upgrade my power source and easily replace my existing panel. The wifi integration is straight forward. I like the built in web-server although I use Total Connect for accessing my system when I'm outside my home. I have also installed numerous z-wave light switches and thermostats with no difficulty. However, I will say the home automation functionality is rather limited with the Tuxedo Touch. I'm planning to integrate a different home automation controller such as the Verde3 down the road. Overall, I'm glad I made the upgrade and extremely happy I chose to purchase from Alarmgrid.

Honeywell L5100 - LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel

Submitted on 11/18/2013 Travis Krabal

Just wanted to drop a note to the Alarm Grid folks!! I have been in the alarm industry for a little while and actually install for a well known National Brand. I have to say that the service from Alarm Grid is second to none!!! I am very impressed with how everything was handled when I called to have my system activated. The service I received gave me a sense of comfort that you simply don't see anymore!!!

Thanks Guys!!!

Honeywell VISTA-20P - Wired Alarm Control Panel

Vista 20-P
Submitted on 09/25/2013 Jason Cleary

I'm a long time Vista user, since the Vista 5.
I was delighted to hear the Vista 20 can now interface to my Ericsson T-68i as i have already implemented a voice command system, eg, when i say " Office" or " Control Room" (sometimes i have to say these commands twice) the T-68i runs and internal batch file on the sub-processor and engages the software functions to work accordingly.
Do you think there will be a code release to interface the Vista 20 to my automated dog feeding setup? Essentially its a set of macros that run server-side and enable windows core services to allow machine code, that in turn enables virtual relays & I/O to lift a flap on the dog food container, once my pet comes within proximity range ( 15-30cm) of the embedded receiver on his bowl.

I look forward to Honeywells response. Thanks, Jason Cleary

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Wired Touchscreen Alarm Keypad

Submitted on 09/07/2013 Jerry

Got this unit hard wired a year ago and I still cannot control any devices remotely i could only control through the local network which defeats the purpose of having this unit. My service provider is telling me they are waiting for some update from Honeywell. Been waiting for almost a year for this update and still waiting.

Honeywell 5822T - Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor

Submitted on 08/19/2013 Jeff Adams

This is a great little device, I like knowing when my garage door is open. However this device does not list for $50, dealer cost is $35 which would make it a 30% mark up $42 which is still a fair price but your not saving any money because it was never priced at $50 to being with.