Which Siren is Compatible w/ a Qolsys IQ Panel 2?

The IQ Siren is compatible with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2. This 105 dB Z-Wave siren is very easy to use with the IQ Panel 2, and it is considerably louder than the sounder that comes built in to the panel. Hardwired sirens can also be used with the system, but a conversion kit will be needed.

The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 comes with a built-in sounder that is rated at 85 dB. For comparison, 85dB is equivalent to a typical vacuum cleaner. This is plenty loud enough for most applications. However, users who want a louder siren have some options for upgrading. The easiest way to upgrade the siren is to use an IQ Siren. The IQ Siren is a Z-Wave siren that is capable of producing sounds rated at 105 dB. This is about as loud as a noisy motorcycle passing by. Since the siren uses Z-Wave technology, it can easily interface with the IQ Panel 2. The IQ Panel 2 comes included with a built-in Z-Wave controller, and programming the siren is incredibly straightforward and simple. Additionally, no wires will need to be run from the siren to the system.

A small number of users will require a siren that is even louder than the IQ Siren. For these users, it is necessary to install a hardwired siren. A conversion kit will be needed to use a hardwired siren with the IQ Panel 2. A good conversion kit to use for this purpose, if the user doesn't mind wiring a relay to the IQ Panel 2, is the LYNX-WEXT External Siren Kit. Hardwired sirens can be connected with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 using a Qolsys IQ Hardwire 16-S wired to wireless transmitter.

Wired sirens can extend to some extremely loud decibels. They typically top out at around 120 dB. This is about as loud as a commercial grade police siren. At this point, staying in the direct vicinity of the siren would be physically uncomfortable. One of the loudest sirens available is the WBOX 0E-OUTDSIREN.

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