Are 2GIG's Smoke Detectors Compatible w/ Google Home?

No, 2GIG Smoke Detectors are not compatible with Google Home. A system can interact with Google Home, allowing the user to control the system via voice. However, life-safety devices, such as smoke detectors, work independently of the panel's armed status. They are not directly compatible.

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When Google Home is used with a security system, an interactive service platform serves as a middleman for communication between the system and a Google Home device. If the user makes a voice command through their Google Home device, it will need to first pass through this interactive service. The service will then forward that command to the system.

In order for this to work, the interactive service that is used with the system must be compatible with Google Home. Most 2GIG Smoke Detectors are designed to be used with 2GIG Alarm Systems. The most notable of these systems are the 2GIG GC3 and the 2GIG GC2. Both of these systems can be used with the service, and the service is compatible with Google Home.

However, smoke detectors, once programmed, are always active, 24/7. Regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed, a smoke detector will cause an alarm if it senses the presence of smoke. Google Home only interfaces with, and allows control of, the armed state of an alarm system. And even then, Google Home won't announce a burglary alarm. It will only announce the current arming status.

With Google Home, you can check the status of your system, request that Google Home ask to arm your system, and control various Z-Wave smart home devices. But, even with a fire alarm active, if you ask Google Home for the status of the alarm system, you will only be told whether the system is armed or disarmed. No mention of the active fire alarm will be made. Google Home is not meant to work with life-safety devices, nor is it meant to replace active monitoring.

In order to use Google Home with the burglary portion of the alarm system, the 2GIG System will need to be connected with To connect with, a 2GIG System will need a compatible cellular communicator and a cellular alarm monitoring plan. For Alarm Grid, the Gold and Platinum level monitoring plans include cellular connectivity. Our alarm monitoring page provides more information about these plans. Upon activating their system, the user's alarm monitoring company should send them the resources they need to get started with

Once the system is set up with, it can then be paired with Google Home by using the Google Home App. A user can then check the current status for their 2GIG system, with the exception of their smoke detectors or any other life safety devices, by speaking a voice command through their Google Home device.

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