2GIG 345MHz Sensors Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Add a 2GIG CO3 to the 2GIG GC3?
The 2GIG CO3 carbon monoxide detector can be added to the 2GIG GC3 through the panel's system programming menu. Make sure to test the device after programming.

Will the Antenna for a 7845 Work on a 4G Radio?
The Honeywell 7845i is an internet communicator for Vista panels that has no antenna. 4G Vista radios can have an antenna added. Learn about Vista antennas.

What Key Fob Should I Use w/ My VISTA-10P, 15P, or 20P?
The recommended key fob to use with Vista-10p, 15p and 20p systems are the 5834-4 and the 5834-4EN. Discover which key fob you prefer.