How Do I Upgrade from a GC2 to a GC3?

You can upgrade from a GC2 to a GC3 by first having your alarm monitoring company save all of the programming information for your old GC2 panel. Your alarm monitoring company will then be able to load all of this programming information to the GC3 panel during the panel upgrade process.

2GIG made it very easy for end users to have the bulk of their old programming information transferred to a new alarm system. Most of the work is done by the user's alarm monitoring company. The monitoring company will be able to transfer any user information and security sensor programming settings over to the new GC3 system. However, any old Z-Wave sensors will still have to be learned-in with the new panel.

Complete the following steps to transfer panel programming information from an old GC2 system to a new GC3 system:

1. Backup the GC2 Settings. Contact your monitoring company, and let them know that you are upgrading from a GC2 system to a GC3 system. They will save all of the programming information for the GC2 system so that it can be brought over to the GC3.

2. Power down the GC2. To power down a 2GIG GC2 panel, you must open up the GC2 system. First, disconnect the system's backup battery from the circuit board. Then unplug the DC transformer from the wall outlet. A blank screen will confirm that the system has powered down.

3. Transfer to the GC3. Your monitoring company will complete the information transfer to the GC3 system. This is typically done during the activation for the panel's cellular module. Both the GC2 system and the GC3 system should be powered down during this process.

4. Power on the GC3. Plug in the GC3 system's DC transformer into the wall outlet. Then reconnect the panel's backup battery. The system will power on automatically after plugging in the transformer. Once the GC3 panel has powered on, wait 15 - 30 minutes. Then confirm that all of the user and zone information from the GC2 system was successfully transferred over.

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