Honeywell Lyric Security Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Honeywell Lyric Security System Compatible w/ Apple HomeKit?
The Lyric Controller can be operated through Apple HomeKit. Using Apple HomeKit will allow the user to arm their system and operate Z-Wave scenes, just by voicing a command to SIRI. This makes Apple HomeKit very convenient for many users. Learn more about the Lyric Controller and Apple HomeKit.

Who Makes the Best Home Security Systems?
It is a subjective opinion as to which company makes the best security systems. However, Honeywell has a proven track record, having produced several excellent security systems through the years. Qolsys has also had recent success with their IQ Panel 2. Learn more about security system companies.

What Kind of Wire Should I Use to Power My Honeywell Home Security Panel?
Most installations for a Honeywel alarm system involve using 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. The wire will run from a plug-in transformer to the panel itself. An excellent wire to use for this type of application is the Honeywell LT-Cable. Learn more about wiring a Honeywell control panel.