Shock Sensors Frequently Asked Questions

Honeywell 5800MINI vs Honeywell 5819WHS
The 5800MINI and the 5819WHS are both sensors from the Honeywell 5800 Series. The 5819WHS can function as a shock sensor, wireless transmitter and alarm contact. The 5800MINI can only be used as a door and window sensor, but it is more compact than the 5819WHS. Learn more about these devices.

Honeywell 5800MINI vs Honeywell 5819S
The Honeywell 5800MINI and the Honeywell 5819S are two different wireless sensors. They are both Honeywell 5800 Series sensors, and they are designed for use with the same alarm panels. However, the 5800MINI is smaller, while the 5819S has more features. Learn more about these two sensors.

How do I test a 5819WHS to find the best setting?
Walk testing the 5819WHS.