Wireless Outdoor Fence Gate Alarm Sensors Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Door Contact Sensor
Alarm systems use door contact sensors to know whether or not doors are opened or closed. This is important for monitoring building activity. Learn about door contacts.

How Do I Alarm My Fence Gate?
If you program an outdoor contact to your alarm system, mount it to your fence gate, and arm your system, your fence gate will be armed! Learn to set an alarm for your fence gate.

What is the Range of a Honeywell 5816OD Outdoor Wireless Motion Sensor?
The Honeywell 5816OD is an outdoor motion sensor that will operate at a range of approximately 200 feet away from the security panel. This range can be extended using a wireless repeater if needed. A great wireless repeater is the 5800RP. Continue reading to learn more about the Honeywell 5816OD.