Can a GSMV4G Radio be Used Without Monitoring?

Yes, a GSMV4G radio can be used without central station monitoring. Users have the capability of self-monitoring their security system using a cellular communicator like the GSMV4G. Cellular communication offers certain advantages that make it the right communication method for many users.

The GSMV4G is compatible with most Honeywell Vista alarm systems, such as the Vista 20P. This makes it an excellent add-on for many Honeywell users who want the added reliability of cellular communication. The GSMV4G also utilizes 4G communication from the AT&T network, meaning that it will most likely be supported well into the future, even as cellular technologies continue to evolve.

Users who choose to go with a cellular communication plan for their security system will have to pay a monthly fee to their alarm monitoring company. This is because a cellular communicator functions using a sim card and a cell plan from a cellular service provider. The alarm company activates the cell plan and pays the cellular provider for this service. In turn, the customer pays compensation to the alarm company.

Cellular communication for security panels maintains a major advantage over IP communication. This is that cellular communication is generally more reliable than communication over WIFI. It is very common for WIFI signals to be down, resulting in the security panel being unable to send a notification in the event of an alarm. However, cellular communication is almost always available, making it an extremely reliable method for sending important notifications.

Meanwhile, there are also some benefits when choosing to go with a self-monitoring plan instead of central station monitoring. When compared with central station monitoring, self-monitoring generally has lower costs and there is less concern with false alarms. Self-monitoring also works well in jurisdictions with verified response laws. Users with video capabilities can receive a notification of alarm, verify it via video, then call the authorities for dispatch, where a monitoring station may be incapable of verification.

Users who need assistance with wiring the GSMV4G to the security panel can consult the helpful video provided below:

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