Can I be locked out of programing on a VISTA panel?

Yes, the Honeywell VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP alarm systems can be locked out of programming. Want to find out if you are locked out of programming? Click here. Although it is rare for panels to be fully locked it is possible. These systems all use the same programming lockout commands. The primary *88 programming field can be found on page 11 of the VISTA-15P/20P and page 4-6 of the VISTA-21iP programming guides. There is a chart that breaks down each entry and how it affects programming re-entry.

Locking out a panel involves two settings: the *88 selection and the exit commands *98 and *99. If you exit programming using *99, the *88 selection is irrelevant. The next time you want to get into programming you can reenter using the installer code, back door method or a downloader (Compass software only available to Honeywell dealers). It is recommended that you always use *99 to exit programming to avoid a potential lockout. The *88 field affects programming reentry only if you exit programming using *98.

By default, the panel is set to option 0 which looking at the chart means that when you exit using *98 you can not use the installer code to reenter. You can still use the back door method or a downloader. If the *88 field is set to 1, you can reenter only using the installer code and a downloader. The back door method will be met with an error tone. Lastly, if *88 is set to 2 only a downloader can get you back into programming.

You will notice that any selection in *88 allows for a downloader to get you back into programming. However, only Honeywell dealers have access to this software. Also, keep in mind that in order to connect to the system using a downloader the tech will need the account number assigned to the system. If it is a new panel that was never assigned an account number by a monitoring provider there is a way to use the default 'FFFF' account number to connect and upload data from the panel. If the account number has been changed the only way to connect is to use that account number. If the previous provider will not offer the account number there is no way to use the downloader to access programming.

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If you attempted everything this FAQ goes over but are still unable to access programming, then you'll need to replace the panel entirely. However, if you call or email us, we can see if we'd be able to do a take over on the system to allow for programming to be done again.
Can I just install a new chip to unlock my vista 20p or do I have to charge the whole board and chip
Brighthouse used to be Brinks and was then bought out by ADT. Brighthouse/Brinks only installed proprietary systems that had to be monitored by Brighthouse/Brinks. If you have one of those systems, only ADT can monitor your system without you putting in a new replacement panel. Your issue is that you chose an installer that uses proprietary equipment. Typically VISTA panels can be used by any company so you wouldn't get stuck with one provider so you should really stay away from any company that uses proprietary equipment. As long as you choose a non-branded Honeywell system, you should have your option to use any company that supports those systems. The key is to research the company and use ones that don't lock you into their company only and there is no reason to stay away from Honeywell VISTA panels if you've found a company that won't lock you out.
Brighthouse Alarm locked my Vista 20p and I cannot get in to program...scrapped the board...I would never buy one again!

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