Can A Lyric Security System W/O Monitoring Do Z-Wave?

Yes. Honeywell’s Lyric alarm system is a wireless self contained security system and home automation controller that has an integrated Z-Wave module. The Lyric Controller supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices (ideally 70 - 128 devices) including light switches, up to 6 thermostats and up to 6 door locks

Users can opt to control Z-Wave devices directly from the 7 inch color graphic touchscreen of the Lyric Controller.

Once a Z-Wave device is enrolled with the Lyric Controller, users can configure scenes, rules and schedules. The Lyric Controller can support up to 100 programmable actions and up to 150 scheduled events. Programming actions and rules serve to automate the execution of commands to a signal z-wave device or several at once. Smart scenes can also be controlled by voice command. Smart scenes must be programmed for voice control of Z-Wave devices to work. Voice commands cannot be used to unlock doors or disarm the alarm system.

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