Can Honeywell 5800COMBOs be Interlinked?

No, Honeywell 5800COMBOs cannot be interlinked. This means there is no way to program multiple 5800COMBO devices for a "one go, all go" setup. In other words, if one 5800COMBO activates and causes a faulted wireless zone, then the other 5800COMBO devices won't necessarily fault as well.

One go, all go is feature commonly found on hardwired smoke detectors. This includes both 2-wire smoke detectors and 4-wire smoke detectors. With this feature, one activated smoke detector will cause all of the other smoke detectors that are programmed with the system to also activate as well. This is good for ensuring that everyone inside the building is properly alerted to the emergency situation. Please note that 2-wire smoke detectors cannot be used with wireless alarm systems. However, a 4-wire smoke detector can interface with a wireless alarm system with an appropriate transmitter.

However, the Honeywell 5800COMBO is a wireless life-safety device that includes functions for both smoke detection and heat detection. It can send a signal to the system to produce an alarm upon its activation. However, this alarm will not instruct the other 5800COMBO devices to activate their sounders as well. But fortunately, the siren built into the alarm system will typically be loud enough to let everyone in the building know about the alarm event. Additionally, a user can set up an external sounder with the system to make the alarm event event louder. Remember, the 5800COMBO will function with any Honeywell System, as well as any 2GIG System.

One example of a wireless smoke detector that can be used as part of a "one go, all go" setup is the Honeywell SiXSMOKE. In the event that one SiXSMOKE device activates, all of the other SiXSMOKE sensors that are programmed with the system will also begin to sound as well. Please note that the the SiXSMOKE is only compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The device will not function with any other alarm system.

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