Can I add a Honeywell 5828 to a Lyric Security System?

Currently, the 5828 and 5828V bidirectional wireless keypads are not compatible with the Lyric Controller.

The Honeywell Lyric home security controller has ushered in a new era of encrypted wireless security devices, which can be used to protect a home or business. The new SIX Series wireless protocol is bidirectional, meaning security devices and the panel are constantly communicating back and forth with one another, trading system status information from the panel, as well as battery strength and check-in ability from the transmitters. All the data passed back and forth between the Lyric Controller and any SIX Series device is encrypted. These devices operate at 2.4GHz, therefore they have better transmitting range than the old 5800 series wireless devices. The LKP500, which is the SIX Series bidirectional keypad made for use with the Lyric Controller, has a range of about 300 feet from the main panel.

The 5828 and 5828V keypads operate using a House ID protocol, and though the Lyric Controller can have an RF House ID programmed, it currently does not support the use of these devices. This could change with future versions of the Lyric, but for now, they are not supported. Range for one of these older style keypads is only about 50 feet from the main control panel, though it has one advantage, in that, it can operate on battery only, or can use a transformer to remain active at all times (when powered by battery, the display times out after 15 seconds of inactivity.) The LKP500 requires a power connection, and comes with a backup battery, in case of power outage.

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