Can I Arm My L5100 from My Phone?

In order to arm and disarm your L5100 Lynx Touch alarm system remotely from a smartphone, tablet or computer you need to sign up with a Honeywell dealer for the Total Connect 2.0 service.

Step 1: Purchase and install one of the following communicators: a L5100-WIFI or an ILP5 ethernet module or a GSMVLP5-4G cellular module.

You will need to pair the internet communicator to your local network (SSID) by choosing the proper security key type (WPA2 is the standard key) and entering your password. If you do not have a password select key type as 'open.' The GSM must be activated by a honeywell dealer so just install it and sign up.

Step 2: Sign up for Total Connect with a Honeywell Dealer. We offer the Total Connect 2.0 service with our NO CONTRACT Self-monitoring ($10 per month) and Monitoring Plus+ ($20 per month) plans. Self-monitoring is Total Connect 2.0 alone. The Plus+ plan combines this service with central station monitoring which is provided by our partner, Criticom.

Step 3: Send the MAC address and MAC CRC address from the communicators. These addresses will allow a dealer to activate and register your panel for Total Connect. They can be found on the sticker that is applied to the module itself or by following these steps: Tools > Installer Code > Comm Diagnostics > Down Key > Communication ID numbers.

Once the system is registered you will have access to a live log of all that occurs on your alarm system. You will have live access to arm and disarm the system from anywhere in the world (with an internet or cellular connection). The best part is the customized notifications that will send texts and emails as events occur!

Would it be nice to know when your kids get home from school? Simple. Just check the box 'user code sync' under the admin user profile. By checking this box and entering the proper master code under the grant access column, you can pull up all your user codes from the panel and allocate specific names to them.

Want to change user codes remotely in a job site environment? Dial in and add, remove and alter user codes from Total Connect remotely. Security is just the beginning. Add remote home automation control, live video surveillance, and much more!

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