Can I Connect My VISTA-21iPLTE Panel to WIFI?

Yes, you can connect a VISTA-21iPLTE to WIFI. But you will need an ethernet-to-WIFI converter to do this. This module will take the panel's ethernet connection and allow it to communicate across a WIFI network. You might also want to get cellular backup to deal with any power outages.

A VISTA-21iPLTE is basically the same system as a VISTA-20P Panel, but with two (2) major differences. The first is that the VISTA-21iPLTE has a built-in IP communicator, which is essentially the equivalent of a Honeywell 7847i Module. The second is that the VISTA-21iPLTE is capable of supporting the Honeywell LTE-21V and the Honeywell LTE-21A, which are convenient plug-in LTE cellular communicators. As of late September 2019, only the LTE-21V (Verizon LTE) is available. The LTE-21A (AT&T LTE) is expected to be released sometime in the future.

If you do not want to use a cellular communicator with your VISTA-21iPLTE System, that's fine. It can still use its built-in IP communicator to maintain connectivity with the AlarmNet360 Servers for monitoring service.This is a perfectly acceptable option if you do not want to pay the higher fees associated with cellular monitoring. Just be aware that any internet outage will take your panel offline if you do not have cellular backup. Make sure that you have very strong and reliable internet service if you do decide to use IP-only monitoring.

Normally, the VISTA-21iPLTE will use a hardwired ethernet connection for IP service. But if you get an ethernet-to-WIFI conveter, then it is possible to have your panel communicate across WIFI. This will involve running an ethernet cable from the panel to the ethernet-to-WIFI converter. The panel will still think that it is using hardwired ethernet. But really, that signal is being taken so that communication can occur across a WIFI network. This can be useful if you are having difficulties running an ethernet cable to the VISTA 21iPLTE Alarm Panel.

Remember, an ethernet-to-WIFI converter will require its own power source. If the power goes out, then it will take down the IP connection for your panel. And if you do not have cellular backup, your panel will be left unmonitored until service is restored. For that reason, you may want to use a backup power supply for both your IP router and your ethernet-to-WIFI converter. This is especially important if you do not have a backup communication path enabled.

As far as a good ethernet-to-WIFI converter goes, the ADC-W100 Ethernet to WIFI Bridge is a great option. This module was created for use with Security Cameras, but it actually works perfect as an ethernet to WIFI converter. The module features a WPS button so that you can easily get it onto your local WIFI network. The ADC-W100 Ethernet to WIFI Bridge is available for purchase off the Alarm Grid website.

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