Can I disarm alarms using smartphone w/ Total Connect?

With Total Connect, a user can arm and disarm a compatible alarm system from a phone, a computer, or any other internet device that has access to Total Connect 2.0.

Total Connect can also turn an alarm system into a home automation monster. Installing Z-Wave products in a home and setting up scenes using one of Honeywell’s many Z-Wave controllers such as the LYNX Touch 5100 with the L5100-ZWAVE module will allow a user to control all of their home automation devices through Total Connect. This can save money each month on electricity, especially if a user installs a ZWSTAT Z-Wave enabled thermostat to control a home’s temperature. By controlling the heating and cooling remotely, energy savings can be signficant.

If a user installs AlarmNet security cameras, up to six cameras can be viewed on the Total Connect App. The cameras can also be programmed to email a user ten second video clips whenever they detect motion in the viewing field.

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