Can I Program My VISTA 21iP To Use IP Only?

Yes, you can program your VISTA 21iP to use IP only. Out of the box, the system is capable of supporting a hardwired ethernet connection. If you want to use cellular, then a compatible cellular radio must be added. The only other communication option is to use a phone line connection.

Honeywell vista 21ip internet alarm control panel open

The Honeywell VISTA 21iP is essentially the same system as a VISTA 20P, only with a built-in AlarmNet 7847i IP Communicator. This module lets the system communicate with Total Connect 2.0 and the AlarmNet Servers through a hardwired ethernet connection. If no other communication path is set up, then the system can use IP only.

However, a user might want to add a cellular connection to the system as well. Cellular communication is more reliable than a standalone IP connection, and having a backup never hurts. The cellular communicator must be enabled from the *29 programming field. Once a cellular communicator is added, the system will become capable of using a dual-path setup. Remember that cellular communication will also require an appropriate alarm monitoring plan.

The integrated communicator for the 21iP is for a hardwired ethernet connection only. There is currently no official way to add a WIFI connection to a 21iP System. However, there are third-party ethernet to WIFI adapters available that would effectively allow the system to use a WIFI connection. Keep in mind that a separate power supply will be needed to power the adapter. An example of such a module is the W100 Ethernet to WIFI Bridge.

Finally, there's also the option of using a POTS (plain old telephone service) connection with a VISTA 21iP. But using a phone line is a relatively dated practice that is generally discouraged with the more advanced options available. Phone line communication is very slow, and the signals don't always go through reliably. A user is better off going with an IP and/or cellular connection than messing with any phone lines.

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