Can I Program My VISTA 21iPLTE To Use IP Only?

Yes, you can program your VISTA 21iPLTE to use IP only. The system has a built-in IP communicator for this exact purpose. But it is advised that you add cellular backup for the system as well. If you go IP only, then any internet outage will take your panel offline and leave it unmonitored.

The Honeywell Home VISTA 21iPLTE is the same system as a Honeywell VISTA 20P, but with two (2) important distinctions. Unlike the 20P, the 21iPLTE has an integrated IP communicator. This allows it to use IP communication right out of the box. If you want to use IP communication with a VISTA 20P, then a separate IP communicator must be added.

The other important distinction for the VISTA 21iPLTE is the fact that it can support special plug-in LTE cellular communicators from Honeywell. No other system can support these modules. An example of an LTE communicator for a VISTA 21iPLTE is the Honeywell Home LTE-21V. In order to use cell communication, the option must be enabled from the *29 programming field. You will also need a monitoring plan that includes cellular service.

If you do not want to use cellular connectivity with a VISTA 21iPLTE, then that is fine. The system can use its IP communicator to connect with a network. It will be able to do this right out of the box, with no add-ons being required. You just need a monitoring plan to activate the communicator. Just remember that an internet outage will take the panel offline if you do not have cellular backup.

With its default hardware, a VISTA 21iPLTE can only use a hardwired ethernet connection for IP service. There is no official method for using WIFI connectivity with the system. However, if you add an ethernet-to-WIFI converter, then you can set the system up to communicate across WIFI. One such module that will allow you to do this is the ADC-W100 Ethernet to WIFI Bridge.

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