Can I remote control a Tuxedo Touch w/o Total Connect?

As of yet, the Tuxedo Touch is not compatible with Total Connect. Honeywell has indicated that the Tuxedo Touch WIFI will be receiving a firmware upgrade in April 2013 that will make it compatible with all of the Total Connect features, including remote home automation, but software updates are not always on schedule so there is no telling when exactly the Total Connect support for the Tuxedo will be available.

It is worth noting that the non-WIFI version of the Tuxedo Touch will likely not receive this firmware upgrade, which means that only the WIFI will ever be capable of supporting total connect.

Simply put, if you’re interested in just controlling your home automation locally, either Tuxedo Touch is good for you. If you think that controlling the home automation from your phone when you’re away is a really neat idea, or think you might someday want to do that, we highly recommend you make a beeline for the Tuxedo Touch WIFI.

Remember also, there are great alternatives to the Tuxedo Touch. If you are just starting to look and have fallen in love with the look and feel of that keypad, we highly recommend the L5100. It is a self-contained wireless alarm system. With the L5100-ZWAVE added, all of your home automation and alarm needs can be taken care of from the one panel, and a starter kit is about the same as a standalone Tuxedo Touch.

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"Pulling up a browser [...] and entering the IP of the tuxedo"? Erm, shortcut, home screen. One-button access. Done.
So basically, Honeywell lied about the Tuxedo and it is virtually useless other than looking pretty and showing pictures. We are being told we need to purchase Total Connect and/or Alarmnet to access it and at the same time we are told we cannot access it for the features it is supposed to have built in. We want to use your services to gain access to the Tuxedo AND obtain alerts that we want; arm/disarm by users, intrusion alerts, etc. We bought the Envisalink because we didn't want to have a monthly bill and we found that it lacks what we want and need.
I'm not sure, we don't support that device and I've never worked with it myself.
I'm taking it that an Envisalink 3 won't do the job?
An Alarmnet communicator can be used to transport alarm signals from an alarm panel to a central monitoring station via AlarmNet Services. Total Connect is a service, and a smart device app, that can be used in conjunction with an AlarmNet communicator to provide remote control options, email or text notifications, in addition to the communicator's ability to deliver alarm signals to central station. The Tuxedo is a Z-wave controller, keypad, and web server. If you are on your local network, you can connect to your Tuxedo from a browser or smart phone, and control automation devices that are learned into the Tuxedo. In addition, if you have an AlarmNet communicator, and you have the Total Connect service, you can integrate automation devices with your TC2 account via the Tuxedo's web connection, and use the TC2 app to securely control these devices remotely. The Tuxedo will not transport alarm signals on behalf of the panel, and it can not support Total Connect 2.0 by itself, it must be used in conjunction with an AlarmNet Communicator to do that.
An AlarmNet communicator is required to have any monitoring service and/or Total Connect service. Total Connect is the service that allows you to remotely control the system from or from the Total Connect 2.0 app. If you want to use the Tuxedo with Total Connect, your system needs an AlarmNet communicator. The other option is to just connect to the Tuxedo directly via the web server which requires the port forwarding if you are not on the same network as the Tuxedo.
What's the difference between alarmnet communicators and Total Connect? We bought the Tuxedo because of its remote capabilities. I keep getting conflicting stories, especially when it has its own internal web hosting.
Do you have an AlarmNet communicator for your system as well? The Tuxedo is not a communicator so your system would need an IP or cellular communicator as well.
You can simply sign up for one of our self monitoring plans at your convenience. All of our plans are no contract, month to month. After you sign up online, you will be able to schedule an activation using our calendar. Feel free to call the police department to file a complaint.
My boss would like to order that kind of service that we can control/monitor. We want to do month month to see if it is something we would like.
You would need to sign up for Total Connect 2.0 service, which we offer with most of our no-contract monitoring plans at or you would need to setup proper port forwarding. We don't support the port forwarding but a savvy IT person should be able to do that fairly easily.
How can we connect our Tuxedo and control it remotely?
Actually, they are prepping for the feature release now. It should be out in the next two weeks.
Honeywell is a joke ,the tuxedo will never work with total connect
Hi Bob, The Tuxedos can be accessed remotely if you set up proper port forwarding or a DDNS server as you did. However, you won't be able to get the instant emails and/or text messages when security system events occur like you do with Total Connect. Also, our feedback has been that using the Total Connect app is much cleaner and easier to use than pulling up a browser on the mobile device and entering the IP of the Tuxedo. Just something to keep in mind.
I am able to control my Tuxedo Touch non-WIFI from my smart phone using something called Basicly, the TT can be accessed over the internet, It is password protected and I am able to control both security features and zwave features. In addition, it appears that I will also be able to control cameras, though at this time I do not have any. The nice thing is that I do not have to pay the monthly Total Connect fee.