Can I Update the Firmware On a 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System?

Yes, you can update the firmware on a 2GIG Go!Control Alarm System. There are three ways to do this. If the system has active monitoring service, the update can be pushed down from The update can also be pushed from a computer using the update cable or by using the Easy Updater.

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Updating the GC2 firmware can be necessary for unlocking certain system features or for using certain alarm communicators. Alarm Grid maintains a GC2 Firmware Update Page that provides information about the latest GC2 Firmware Updates. This page is also where you can download the latest firmware to apply it to the panel.

If your GC2 System already has active alarm monitoring service and is connected with, then usually the easiest way to update the firmware is to have the update pushed down automatically. In this case, you would simply request that the update be applied by your alarm monitoring company. Applying the update this way will require a small fee. Alarm Grid passes this fee directly onto the customer at no up-charge. This update method is often preferred, since no external hardware is required.

If your GC2 is not connected with, then the update must be applied manually. This is often a required step for getting the system connected with ADC. You can either connect the GC2 to a computer directly using the 2GIG UPCBL2 Update Cable, or you can use the Easy Updater Tool. Either way, you must power down the GC2 Panel completely before beginning. You will need to download the appropriate firmware from the GC2 Firmware Page. Please note that you may need to update to firmware 1.10 or higher before the panel can support the latest firmware version. Firmware version 1.10.1 is available on the update page listed above, however, if you need the 1.10 update, you may need to find it elsewhere. Alarm Grid does not have access to this particular firmware file. The video shown at the top of this page outlines the process of using the update cable.

The other option is to update the firmware using the 2GIG UPDV Easy Updater Tool. This device is unique because it should already have the latest firmware on it. Bear in mind that you will still need firmware 1.10 installed on the GC2 before you can install the latest firmware version. Instead of using a computer, the Easy Updater Tool will apply the update to the panel directly. In some cases, you may need to update the easy updater tool before you can use it to update the GC2 System. Additionally, only GC2 Panels running firmware version 1.5 or higher will support the Updater Tool. For more information on using the 2GIG Easy Updater Tool to update a 2GIG Go!Control, please review this helpful FAQ. You can then take the same UPDV Updater Tool and use it to apply the latest firmware to other 2GIG GC2 Systems.

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