Can I Update the Firmware On a VISTA-P Alarm System?

You might be able to update the firmware on a VISTA-P Alarm System. This depends on what type of VISTA System is being used. In order to update the firmware on a VISTA Series Panel, you will need to replace its PROM Chip. Some VISTA Panels have PROM Chip upgrades available, but some do not.

Cropped honeywell vista 15p prom chip for a vista 15p upgradeHardwired Honeywell VISTA Alarm Systems do not receive software updates like wireless all-in-one systems. Instead, any upgrades must be made through physical hardware changes. In the case of the VISTA P-Series, a PROM Chip essentially serves as the firmware for one of these panels. In order to upgrade to a newer revision, the old PROM Chip must be physically removed, and a new one must be applied. Alarm Grid sells various PROM Chips that can be used to upgrade a VISTA system.

By upgrading the PROM Chip for a VISTA System, a user can unlock certain functions and features. For example, a newer PROM Chip might be required for the System to access the Total Connect 2.0 service. Certain alarm monitoring communicators also require the use of a more recent PROM Chip. The main benefit of a PROM Chip upgrade is that a user can greatly improve the usability of their alarm system. This can be very important, as a user would otherwise have to replace their panel entirely to get access to certain features, namely Total Connect 2.0.

Currently, there are PROM Chip upgrades available for the VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P and VISTA-21iP Systems. However, we do not offer PROM Chip upgrades for VISTA-10P and VISTA-50P Alarm Systems. These are older P-Series Systems, and they will never be able to be used with the Total Connect 2.0 service. If a user has one of these systems, we recommend upgrading to a newer panel so that they can access TC2.

When replacing a PROM Chip, you should power down the system entirely by unplugging the transformer and disconnecting the backup battery. Then locate the PROM Chip on the panel board. You can use the metal end of a binder clip to pry the old chip up and off the board. Then take the new PROM Chip, align the pins and press it firmly into place. When you power the system back on, the update will be applied.

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