Can I update the revision of my Vista 10p?

The simple answer to whether or not you can upgrade the revision of your existing Honeywell Vista-10P wired alarm panel is NO.

Before explaining further, you should first be sure of which Honeywell alarm system you have. If you aren't sure which Honeywell Vista series panel you have, simply locate the one inch by one inch black PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board inside of the beige metal box that houses your wired alarm system. You will see a 'WA' number printed on that chip. If you have a Vista-10P, the chip will start with 'WA10P' which means you are unable to upgrade to a newer revision without swapping the panel. If you do still want to upgrade, you can simply purchase a more advanced VISTA security system and move all the wiring from your VISTA-10P to the new control panel.

If it says "WA15P-rev #", you have a Honeywell Vista-15P which does support a Vista-15P PROM chip upgrade. Similarly, if the chip reads "WA20P-rev #", you have a Honeywell Vista-20P system which can use the Vista-20P PROM chip upgrade. These upgrade chips will bring the panels up to the newest revision - 9.12. Check out our PROM chip product announcement for further details on your Vista 15P or 20P revision upgrades.

By upgrading your panel you will be able to utilize the features of Total Connect 2.0. Want to actually log into a live Total Connect 2.0 account? Go to: Use 'alarmgrid' for the username and 'totalconnect' for the password.

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