Upgrade your VISTA 15P or 20P with a PROM chip

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Are you stuck with an old VISTA 15P or VISTA 20P panel, but you want Total Connect? While the bad news is that if your PROM chip (that little microchip in the center of your control panel's circuit board) is lower than version 9.12, you can't use Total Connect 2.0, the good news is, you can upgrade your VISTA panel pretty easily.

To date, the only way to upgrade the panels would have been to purchase the iGSMV-TC2, the GSMV4G-TC2 or the GSMX4G-TC2. These AlarmNet cellular alarm communicator upgrade kits include a little PROM chip version 9.12 that can replace your existing chip. The problem is that not every systems is monitored using a cellular communicator. And while cellular communicators definitely provide a security panel with the most secure communication pathway between the panel and the central station, if you wanted to add an IP communicator and upgrade to Total Connect 2.0, you've been out of luck. You'd have to buy the IP communicator and replaced your entire control panel. Of course, that means mapping over all of your wiring and reprogramming your whole system.

So we're very excited to announce that we've broken out the PROM chips, and you can now buy them separately from any of the GSM communicators. The new VISTA 15P PROM chip and the VISTA 20P PROM chip are simple to install, and will bring your older VISTA system up to date with AlarmNet's award winning interactive service, Total Connect 2.0.

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Hi, Sterling Sorry I was thinking of I different system t hanks for all the help
I'm not sure what you mean by the 3V battery. There should just be a sealed lead acid battery with a red and black spade terminal. These are examples of chip pullers - https://www.google.com/search?q=chip+puller&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
Thanks Sterling do I also need to remove the motherboard battery? or can I leave it in ?
Hi, thanks do you have name of the PROM chip remover or link? and just to confirm I don't need to remove the 3v battery on the circuit board?
Yes, you need to fully power the system down before replacing the PROM chip. The ideal way to remove the old PROM is with a chip puller that you can get fairly inexpensively on a site like Amazon. If you don't have one of those, you can use a binder clip (the black clip with the silver levers to open it up). If you get one that has the silver part small enough to fit into the corner notches of the PROM, you remove the two silver pieces and use the little hooks to fit behind the chip and then you can pull straight out from the board without stressing the board itself.
Just remove the AC transformer and the 12VDC backup battery. Then remove the PROM by using a prom extractor (some people successfully use a paper clip or binder clip, but be very careful with the housing). Then apply AC followed by DC power.
Can you tell me the Proper procedure to remove Honeywell Vista 20P Prom chip and install a new one , I was going to remove the power Transformer and disconnect the battery backup first I also see 3v battery on the circuit board would I leave that one alone ? Thanks

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