Can I use a Honeywell Vista 20P, 15P w/ Total Connect?

You can definitely upgrade your VISTA-20P or VISTA-15P system to work with the AlarmNet interactive service, Total Connect. Most of the time, you don't even need to buy a completely new system. You just need to purchase a communicator for your unit in order to get Total Connect. However, some versions of VISTA Series control panels are not compatible with Total Connect or may only be compatible with the older Total Connect 1.0 service. Therefore, you would need to upgrade the system. However, Alarm Grid has a few different easy options for upgrading your system without needing to purchase and install an entirely new control panel.

We have broken out the Vista 20P upgrade chips and the VISTA 15P upgrade chips so that you can buy just the PROM itself, and upgrade your system.

If you are planning on being monitored over a cellular alarm communicator, however, the GSMV4G-TC2 comes with an upgrade chip, and is a better value for those looking to do both the upgrade and cellular monitoring. Being monitored over IP, however, is a bit more frustrating as there is no communicator that comes with the upgrade chip. So, purchasing the PROM, itself, along with a 7847i communicator will save you from having to purchase the GSMV4G-TC2 just to get the upgrade chip.

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