Can I use a 7847i on my LYNX Plus L3000?

The Honeywell 7847i is an Alarmnet-ready internet communicator designed to transmit alarm signals through an ECP bus on a wired alarm panel. The 7847i will not work with the LYNX Plus L3000 since it does not have an ECP bus. However the L3000 does have a specially designed IP communicator called the 7847i-L. The Honeywell 7847i-L allows the L3000 to transmit signals over the local internet connection to the Alarmnet server. From the server, signals can be sent to a Central Station for UL-listed monitoring.

The L3000 is also capable of being setup with the Total Connect 2.0 service which allows an end user to setup unlimited, customizable text and email alerts triggered by anything from AC loss, low batteries to alarms and troubles. You can also use TC 2.0 to remotely arm/disarm the system and view a signal history log from the app on your smartphone and tablet. There are system requirements in order to setup TC 2.0. You will need the L3000 to be revision 20.1 or higher. The 7847i-L must be revision 2.6.42 or higher.

In all, the 7847i-L allows L3000 owners to drop the phone line and use an existing internet connection to transmit/receive signals for alarm monitoring service. This device has a female RJ-45 port on the card and requires a hardwired ethernet connection. For situations where running a cable is an impossibility you can setup a wired to wireless ethernet bridge. This equipment will have to be sourced separately and is not recommended. If this is the only choice for your installation be sure to setup a battery backup power supply (UPS) for the bridge. It always recommended to setup a UPS for the router and mode as well.

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