Can I Use A Lyric Security System w/ a Vista 15P?

No, both the Lyric alarm system and the Vista 15P are alarm system control panels that will not talk to each other.

The Lyric Controller Security System, is a self contained wireless control panel, whereas,

The Vista 15P is a hardwired control panel.

The Lyric Controller has a 7 inch color touchscreen, built in siren, WiFi module and Z-Wave module.

The Vista 15P requires a separate keypad.

Many of the Lyric Controller features can be achieved on a Vista 15P with several Honeywell components. Honeywell’s 6280, is a 7 inch color touchscreen that provides voice annunciation of alarm and zone. A message center that records and plays back messages. Entry / Exit countdown. The master code can be used to add and delete user codes, view the zone list and status and bypass zones. The 6280 can also double as a digital picture frame using a standard SD card.

Z-Wave can be controlled by paring the Vista 15P with either a VAM or a Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad.

The VAM can support up to 232 z-wave devices, and up to 32 IP cameras which 4 can be viewed at one time directly on the VAM.

The Tuxedo Touch WiFi is a z-wave controller that can be used as a secondary keypad on a Vista panel. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi has many of the same features as the 6280 keypad but integrates z-wave. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi has a 7 inch color touchscreen, that users can control the alarm system, home automation and video cameras. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi also supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices and 32 IP cameras and up to 4 cameras can be viewed directly on the touchscreen. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi can also double as a digital picture frame or slideshow. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi provides voice annunciation of the type and zone of the alarm and provides a message center to record and playback messages. Like the Lyric Controller, the Tuxedo Touch WiFi controls devices via voice commands. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi is not a communicator so either a GSM cell communicator or internet communicator is needed.

In place of the built in WiFi, the 7847i is the compatible internet communicator, there is no WiFi communicator for the Vista panel.

The Vista 15P has 6 on board hardwired zones which can be expanded to a total of 16 when paired with a 4219 zone expander. The Vista 15P also supports a total of 32 wireless devices when paired with either a 5881 series wireless receiver or an RF keypad.

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