Can I use a web browser app to program a VISTA panel?

No, there is no web browsing app available for programming Vista panels.

Vista alarm panels are wired alarm panels created by Honeywell for use in residential and commercial burglary and fire protection. Vista panels have multiple different tiers of panels for use in different types of locations - everything from small single family homes, to multi-level commercial buildings. If a user is looking to secure their small residential home, a Vista 20P may support the amount of security devices needed, and have the required functionality for the residence. If a business owner is looking for burglary protection for their commercial building a Vista 128 or Vista 250 would be a better fit. The size and scope of the location, and the number of required security devices for a system will help determine which panel model is best.

Honeywell Vista panels can be programmed in one of two ways. A user can program the entire system by issuing commands directly from a 6160 alphanumeric keypad. The programming manual for the system contains information on all of the programming fields available. This manual is written in a step by step fashion and can walk a user through any portion of the programming. With that said, it can be a daunting task to hand program the entire system, especially for a new user. The other method with which Vista panels can be configured is through a program called Compass. This is a program made by Honeywell for remote login and programming of Vista panels. Compass is provided free of charge by Honeywell, but only to dealers, so more likely than not, an end user won’t have access to it. Using compass, a dealer can upload a panel’s information, make changes where necessary, and download the updated data back to the panel. The program is in a graphic user interface layout and presents all of the panel info in a clear, clean, concise manner. If an end user is having any issues with programming or has a programming request, they can contact their security provider, and the security company should be able to simply login to the system with Compass, and remotely make whatever change is needed.

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