Can I Use The 2Gig GoControl System Without Monitoring?

Yes, users can use the 2Gig GoControl alarm and home management system without monitoring.

The 2Gig alarm panel will work just like it would if connected to a central monitoring station. If the chime feature is enabled, when a door or window is opened the panel will chime. If a sensor / device is triggered, it will send a signal to the alarm panel and the alarm panel will sound - locally only. This means the signal will not be sent anywhere and the user will not be notified of any alarm signal or event.

The 2Gig panel has a built in Z-Wave radio which supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices in any combination. Users will also be able to control any z-wave devices, such as lighting, appliances, thermostats, door locks, garage door, plus more that are installed directly from the GoControl panel.

The 2Gig GoControl home management system is easy to install and program.

2Gig also offers several ways for the panel to communicate if choosing to be monitored and have enhanced features (

Landline (monitoring only), GSM cell communicators (can be ordered using the following networks, AT&T, Verizon and TMobile, Rogers (Canada) and Moviestar (Mexico ). Dual communication is also available by pairing the landline with a gsm cell communicator or a gsm cell communicator with a Go!Bridge IP communicator. allows users to control the 2Gig home management system from any computer or smartphone. Users will receive notifications via a phone call from a trained certified operator if connected to central station monitoring, who will also contact authorities if needed, and can also receive an email or text message via on any alarm signal or event.

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We have YouTube videos on the programming / setup of this system. We also have installation guides linked to the product pages. You can also call us M-F 9-9 EST for tech support.
Is there a tutorial on how to set it up? I have the control panel, several wireless cameras, two z-wave switches two outdoor wired cameras and a dvr.
No, you'd need some level of service through a company like us to control the system remotely or receive text/email alerts. We do have less expensive self monitoring plans at the bottom of our sign up page ( ) that don't have the central station involved and do provide that type of service at a reduced monthly cost though.
If the system isn't monitored, can services like arming and disarming with an iPhone or viewing events on the iPhone work?

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