Can I make WIFI Primary, GSM Backup on a Lyric Gateway?

A Lyric Gateway can use WIFI as a primary and GSM as a backup communication path.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest all in one panel released by Honeywell. The system is the newest addition to the Lyric line and is unique in that it has no touchscreen. The system has soft touch, backlit keys and a free downloadable app called MyHome Gateway, available for iOS and Android devices. With this app, a user can connect to the system when on the same WIFI network. The app’s interface is the same as that of the Lyric controller, and is a clear, bright, clean user interface.

The Lyric Gateway is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator, as well as an integrated Ethernet jack, and the top of the unit opens to reveal expansion bays where a cellular communicator can be installed. There is an available Verizon or AT&T cellular communicator either of which provide the same features- a user will want to select the model for the provider with the best signal in their area. Any of the communication paths, Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular, can be used as the sole path of communication. Also, Cellular plus WIFI or Ethernet can be combined in what is known as a Dual Path configuration. In this setup, the system will use WIFI or Ethernet as its primary path of communication, and will switch to cellular in the event that the primary communication path fails.

The Lyric Gateway system also has a built in Z-Wave controller, and supports up to 76 Z-Wave devices. The Gateway cannot interface with life safety Z-Wave device such as motions or Smoke/CO detectors. A user will need to use a wireless sensor from the 5800 line or the new SiX Series sensor line instead. Within the 76 Z-wave devices, the Gateway can have - 6 Z-Wave door locks, 6 Z-Wave thermostats, 4 Z-Wave garage door openers and 60 light, shade, appliance or valve modules. It can also support up to 4 round Lyric WIFI thermostats, but they must be added to the system via Total Connect 2.0.

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