Can I use wired contacts with a Lyric Gateway?

Yes, wired contacts can be used with a Lyric Gateway by adding the 5800C2W.

The Lyric Gateway is Honeywell’s latest all in one wireless panel. The system is manufactured with a built in Ethernet or WIFI communicator and Z-Wave controller. Included with the system is a backup battery that can provide up to 4 hours of standby in the event of an AC power loss. If a user requires more than 4 hours of available standby power, they can install a LCP500-24B to provide at least 24 hours of backup battery power. The top of the Gateway opens to reveal expansion bays where a cellular communicator can be installed. The system can support an AT&T or Verizon brand communicator. If users want to use cellular communication, they should check the service coverage in their area for AT&T and Verizon and select the communicator that will give them the strongest signal - system operation is the same regardless which brand is used. Additionally, an Ethernet cable can be plugged into the systems integrated network jack. When a combination of Cellular & Ethernet or WIFI is used the system will function in a Dual Path mode. This means that the system will automatically switch to the secondary path (cellular) if the primary path (Ethernet or WIFI) fails.

The Lyric Gateway is compatible with both the 5800 series wireless devices and the new SIX Series wireless devices. All 5800 Series wireless devices are supported except for those that require a House ID to operate. Honeywell does plan to add this function in the future with a firmware update. A 5800C2W will be needed to integrate wired contacts with the Gateway as the system has no terminals for directly connecting wired contacts. The 5800C2W is a wired to 5800 Series wireless translator that supports up to 9 wired zones. The unit converts each wired zone into a supervised wireless zone that programs into the system just like any other 5800 wireless device. If more than 9 wired zones are desired, multiple 5800C2W’s can be used. The device has its own transformer and requires a backup battery which is sold separately. The device is compatible with 12 volt batteries and can use the Ultratech 1240 or Ultratech 1270. It should be noted that the 5800C2W is for use with Burglary zones only, it will not support Fire, Heat, or Carbon Monoxide detectors.

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