Can WIFI be a GoControl's primary communication path?

The short answer is that the 2GIG Go!Control does not support WIFI as a sole and primary communication path. It can be configured as a primary path only in a dual path setup alongside a cellular communicator. The cellular communicator is required in order to register the panel on the server.

The long answer is that the GoControl is a self-contained wireless security system manufactured by 2GIG. The communication modules designed for this system are built by software companies like and Telguard. These are business that own the servers that host the alarm signal transmissions between the control panel and a central station and/or interactive services offered by these same businesses. The only compatible internet communicator for the GoControl is that of's Go!Bridge.

The GoBridge is an IP module that sits beside your router and requires a wired ethernet connection to a LAN port on the router and power connection to a wall outlet. Although it does not truly support "WIFI" the module is capable of wirelessly connecting to the GoControl panel. The 2GIG XCVR2 is a 900MHz transceiver (and 345MHz receiver) that allows the control panel to speak with the GoBridge wirelessly. This is to be purchase separately and will replace the factory equipped 345MHz receiver.

With all this said, is unable to register a GoBridge without already having registered a cellular communicator. In other words, requires cellular communicators like the GC3GA-A (AT&T) and GCCDMV-A (Verizon) in order to be able to speak to the system in the first place. After the system is registered on the server you can add internet connectivity via the GoBridge for the faster speeds that internet connections generally offer.

Long story short, Telguard does not offer an internet module and does not offer a broadband only service. If you are looking to setup an internet only system you should look at the Honeywell LYNX L5200 or L7000.

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