Can Wireless Receivers Be Put Inside A Metal Cabinet?

Yes, with the exception of the 5881ENHC, a wireless receiver can be mounted inside the metal cabinet.

To install the wireless receiver in a metal cabinet, the receiver needs to be removed from it’s plastic housing and only the board can be mounted inside the metal cabinet and the antenna cannot touch the metal cabinet.

The 5881ENHC is a commercial wireless receiver that does not have a limit on how many wireless devices it will support. The 5881ENHC will support the total number of wireless zones the panel it’s being paired with supports. The 5881ENHC requires to be kept inside its plastic housing and if mounted in the metal cabinet will constantly report a tamper signal.

The Honeywell 5881ENL supports up to 8 wireless zones. The Honeywell 5881ENM support up to 16 wireless zones and the 5881ENH is unlimited and will support as many wireless zones as the panel supports that it’s being paired with.

To mount either the 5881ENL, 5881ENM or the 5881ENH, remove the plastic cover by inserting a flat-head screwdriver in the slot found in the middle of the cover’s bottom. Remove the board from its housing by bending back the 2 tabs on the bottom. The receiver comes with 2 mounting clips, insert the 2 clips into the cabinet slots. Secure the wireless receiver with the clips and provided screws. Using the provided ground lugs, insert them through the top of the cabinet into the left hand terminals of the antenna block found on the upper part of the receiver and tighten with the provided screws. Insert the antenna through the top of the cabinet making sure it does not touch the metal cabinets and tighten with screws.

The Honeywell 5881 wireless receiver series are compatible with Vista control panels.

Please refer to the wireless receiver install manual for complete install instructions.

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